Fall is Coming: 5 Chic Ways To Wear A Leather Miniskirt

When you the hear the word ‘leather,’ you might think of some grungy dude on a motorcycle. Like, you know, Justin Bobby. Add the word ‘miniskirt’ after the word leather and the term likely conjures mental pictures of some gothic moto-girl. But, ladies, there is more than one look you can achieve with a leather miniskirt – and whether you’re going with real or faux leather, you can do a ton with this essential piece. Need some ideas? You’re in the right place.

Casual: Pair your little skirt with a hoodless gray sweatshirt and some flat slip-on sneakers. Totally casual and effortless, but with a stylish bend thanks to the skirt. You can wear this to class – you’ll show off your legs without looking over the top.

Balanced: Temper the shortness of the skirt with a long-sleeved flowy top. Keep your top conservative to really play off the difference between the two items. A blousey button-down shirt would make an excellent topper – tuck it for a more streamlined look, leave it loose for something more effortless.

Preppy: Sure, you can prep up leather. All you need to do is wear your skirt over some thick tights, add a sweater or turtleneck and some tall boots – such a great back-to-school look.

Glam: This is what leather miniskirts were made for – pair yours with a silky black top (the textures play off each other so well) and add some sky-high heels. Top it all off with a colorful clutch.

Coordinated: Layer a very long black tee shirt over your skirt and voila – you’ve got yourself a brand new leather-trimmed LBD. Add some cool booties, maybe a statement necklace and a bag of your choice for a perfect urban street style look.

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