The Virgin Diaries: Virgin…Superhero…Same Thing

Birds of a feather flock together. If you’ve ever doubted that that saying was true, you need to take a look at my friends. My two closest friends from high school, one guy and one girl, are both saving themselves for marriage. Of my friends in college, one is also saving herself for marriage and a few haven’t found the right circumstances to give it up to someone. Basically, I attract other virgins. We’re a flock, like a band…better yet, a group of superheros, changing the face of virginity one pair of closed legs at a time.
And what are our super powers? Cute faces, style and the ability to speak without trepidation. Not every virgin looks and acts like Steve Urkle or a Minerva McGonagall.
I was catching up with my buddy from high school and told him about all the crazy reactions I get being a 21-year-old virgin. I asked him how it was for him seeing as he’s a guy and men tend to think about shagging like eating. He said that of course people acted stupid, but he enjoys it. Basically he like’s being a unicorn (read this to understand what I’m talking about). It’s kind of hard for a contemporary mind to wrap itself around a socially adjusted individual not giving in to accepted, popular behavior. He sees his experience as showing people something they didn’t think existed anymore. And that’s what makes us super.
The weird thing is, the older I get the more virgins I’m meeting in my age bracket. Maybe we were all too afraid to say it when we were younger; but, now that we are, we’re normalizing young adults choosing not being sexually active. We still party and have fun. We just so happen to also be virgins.
The way he put it, we’re like the pioneers of modern virginity, and if you think about it, that’s actually pretty badass.

Does He Really Want To Be Your First?
Does He Really Want To Be Your First?
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