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10 Reasons Why Dame Hellen Mirren Is Actually Perfect


"The Door" Germany Premiere

Honestly, I have little desire to see The Hundred-Foot Journey because cooking movies aren’t really my thing. I’m more of a crappy TMNT remake kind of girl. That being said, the major draw of the movie, for me, is Dame Hellen Mirren. I’m pretty much convinced she’s perfect and if I were a betting woman, I’d say that Hellen is a an older, more refined Jennifer Lawrence. She’s easily one of the most kick ass women in Hollywood.

Recently, while playing charades at Harvard she was forced to twerk and it was glorious. She did it again on The Kelly and Micheal Show and it was once again perfect.

Here are 10 more reasons Dame Hellen Mirren is my idol.

1. She dressed up as the queen for a dying child after the regular queen said no. A boy named Oliver Burton’s dying wish was to visit Buckingham palace and have dinner with the queen. Burton suffered from multiple types of cancer as well as Down’s syndrome. Mirren invited him backstage at her show The Audience, and still dressed as the queen had tea with him as well as crumpets. She has a heart of gold. She even knighted Oliver, which is about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

2. She called the Oscars the “the crème de la crème of bullshit.” We love that she says what ever is on her mind without really thinking much about it.

3. She’s super talented. She’s got one Academy Award, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmy Awards and Two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awards. That’s a lot of awards. Good for you, Hellen Mirren, you go Hellen Mirren.

4. She ages gracefully. When accepting Glamour’s Icon Award at their Women of The Year ceremony she said, “Your 40s are good. Your 50s are great. Your 60s are fab. And 70 is f—ing awesome. I’m not quite there yet, but almost.”

5. She is literally a dame, that’s not just like a nickname or something.

6. Her sexual freedom is empowering. She’s had many a raunchy sex scene and her relaxed attitude about sex and her willingness to embrace her own sexuality is totally empowering for women.

7. She’s 68 and doesn’t look a day over 40. She’s annoyingly pretty.

8. She doesn’t have children, which makes others feel okay if they don’t want children. She said of not having kids, “I’’ve no maternal instinct whatsoever. And I don’’t think I’’m so unusual. I think an awful lot of women don’’t really want children, but feel they ought to.” Yes. So much yes to this statement.

9. She’s basically a professional twerker now.

10. Finally, Hellen said if she had children, the first words she would have taught a daughter would be ‘f*** off’,’ because women “weren’t brought up to say that to people.” Ugh. She’s wonderful.

[Andreas Rentz]/[Getty Images Entertainment]/Getty Images