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Beyoncé’s Instagram Continues To Fight Hard Against Divorce Rumors


2011 US Open - Day 15

Saturday night Queen Bey took to Instagram to post a picture that basically says, “LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM.”  The pants-less Instagram pic shows Beyoncé in an oversized jersey sporting the last name Carter and a number four.

Here’s the pic from Beyoncé’s Instagram:


Basically, to me, it looks like Beyoncé is trying really hard to convince everyone that everything is fine. She’s like one of those hyper women who doesn’t realize it’s over yet and is like, “No but really we’re so happy look he just got me this ring because we’re like sooooo happy.” OR she could actually be fine and these divorce rumors are just that, rumors. It’s too soon to tell.

But between Instagram pics sporting the last name “Carter” to ones of her and Jay “adorably” playing 1-2-3 swing with Blue Ivy all over Instagram PLUS all the pictures she took with at the recently divorced Gwentyth Paltrow’s house, it’s looking like the key to solving this mystery lays in Bey’s Instagram.

[Al Bello]/[Getty Images Entertainment]/Getty Images