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17 Reasons Your Roommate is Better Than A Significant Other



In college, a serious relationship can seriously cramp your style. Sure, it gives you an excuse to ghost early for a private pizza party and it guarantees a formal date, but at what cost? College is like summer camp, only with more drinking and less capture the flag (it’s the same amount of crafting and organized activities, though). It’s basically four years without commitment and serious stress. You’re isolated from the struggles of the real world (and believe me, #thestruggleisreal), which means you can MO with potential suitors without the responsibility of pretending to like sports.

The best part about college? If you have the perfect roommate(s), you basically have a boyfriend, only you never have to shave. Here’s why your roommate is the ultimate replacement SO:

1. You never have to make actual plans, because you always automatically have them (and they don’t involve watching someone play Call of Duty).

2. There’s no judgement, even if you’ve taken it upon yourself to be an explorer of Ben & Jerry’s Core (You’re basically our generation’s Columbus).

3. They’re always available for a dining hall brunch to recap the night before, which makes it much easier to remember what happened to begin with.

4. Despite your Siamese-twin worthy attachment, you never run out of conversation topics, as deeply personal (and sometimes deeply disturbed) as they might be.

5. At this point, you pretty much have your own language, with the obscene amount of ridiculous inside jokes you have.

6. A boyfriend wouldn’t (happily) marathon your favorite guilty pleasures. Let’s be honest, when it comes to Pretty Little Liars, dudes just don’t appreciate A.

7. There’s always someone to Facebook stalk with, and you never have to pretend you’re not creepy.

8. There’s no judgement when you go on a guilty pleasure Netflix marathon… sometimes you really want to watch an entire season of Toddlers & Tiaras in one sitting, and no boy could ever understand that.

9. You don’t have to secretly sneak into the bathroom to freshen up while your roommate’s sleeping, like you do with a gentleman caller. Your roomies know you didn’t wake up like this (#flawless).

10. You can’t share clothes with a boyfriend. Your roommate’s going out dress (the one that secretly looks better on you, but don’t tell her that) is far superior to a miscellaneous shack shirt.

11. When you’re convinced your hangover might kill you, there’s someone to bring you Gatorade (and a bagel, if you’re really lucky), and you don’t mind if they see you looking like bald-era Britney after a bender.

12. You never have to worry about what to wear to bed. Feel free to rock ratty Soffe shorts, an ancient shack shirt, or a nightgown that would be more appropriate on someone’s grandmother, because it’s a judgement-free zone.

13. Unlike a boy toy, you never have to worry your roommate died if it takes her more than a minute to text you back. When a guy does it, it’s grounds for alerting the authorities.

14. With the perfect roommate, getting ready can be even more fun than a night out, because it involves copious amounts of cheap vodka and an impromptu dance party (without the threat of stranger dangers creeping).

15. Having a roommate group text is far more entertaining than a “Good morning, beautiful!” message will ever be.

16. Roomies mean you never have to invest in Life Alert, which is lucky because you’re prone to falling… mostly when you’re drunk, though, and they’re always there to catch you.

17. You know they’ll never leave you — at least not until the lease is up, anyway.

[Lead image via nenetus/Shutterstock]

Margaret writes about pop culture, middle school music, and fashion faux pas for CC. Connect me: twitter instagram