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Celebrity Style At The Teen Choice Awards Was Cute And Flirty


Teen Choice Awards 2014 - Arrivals

The Teen Choice Awards 2014  was last night and maybe it’s because I am not a teen that I don’t really curr all that much but I do care about one thing: the fashion. Awards shows can be one note fashion-wise. Celebs tend to wear ball gowns with subtle details and maybe a few sequins. Awards that age a little younger tend to be more fun. Celebrities wear separates, fun colors, crazy leggings, it feels a little closer to reality, even if it’s all designer clothing. I am a little miffed that Lucy Hale beat Troian Bellisario for Best Actress but dems the breaks. Obviously Pretty Little Liars deserved to win Best Drama and it did.

Here are my fashion highlights: Hilary Duff’s outfit looks like it’s straight out of 2004 and yes that is not a good thing. Tyler Posey was overdressed but a qt in that fratty werewolf way he is. Taylor Swift and Kellan Lutz looked bored at the show and in their boring outfits. Shay Mitchell looked fabulous. The Kardashian-Jenners were all over the place but looked mostly cute. Ariana Grande always looks the same, why? Marketing? Brand messaging?

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