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Cosmic Candy: August 11th – 17th



We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

This week the skies are quieter than recent, but brewing nonetheless. This is a time of sweet respite as Venus spends the week cozying up to Jupiter in Leo. Venus and Jupiter are both thought of as benevolent and beneficial forces and when the two get together it’s an anything is possible kind of event. The combination opens up possibility because the two energies help us to open in general. Opportunity and luck (Jupiter) and love and beauty (Venus) will do that. As Venus enters Leo on Monday it joins the sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith, giving all of our favorite felines a stacked deck to play with. Puurrrrowr.

The building energy of the union between these two terrific tomboys is yours to work with this week. Since their union is complete late Sunday night/Monday morning we have the next 7 days to work with their good graces. Every day. Every little action towards realizing this kick-ass combo in our personal life counts. As always your horoscopes are based on where to focus your intentions and actions to make the most of this week’s astrology.

We are in between a hefty full moon and a serious new one. This week is about the good girls joining forces (Jupiter and Venus) and next week it’s the bad girls’ turn: Saturn and Mars. They’ll square Venus. They’ll wreak some havoc. They’ll rock’n’roll their way through the lessons we most need to learn. They’ll teach us a thing or two about love, passion, possession and purpose. They’ll do their thing and so will we.

My suggestion is to focus on the joy that occurs this week to soften the stomping of next.

Big Love,


Aries & Aries Rising

Keep looking for the gifts that are opening before you like flowers on a spring morning hungry for the sun’s radiant light. Keep letting the good fortune in your life wind its way around your heart like a protective shield, one that is not born out of defense but out of a deep desire to keep the good growing.

Keep letting others inspire you and keep finding romance in the most unassuming of places. There is enough tough and tenderizing astrology coming at the end of the month to tide the tougher parts of you over well into September – astrology that very well may test every psychological limit you’ve currently come across. However, this week there are more romantic forces at play: ones that want to disarm you, detain you and derail you from any kind of self-destructive detours you may otherwise decide are necessary.

Self-undoing is always an option though and if you choose to lay around like a lounge lizard without using the appropriate amount of latex in your lover’s den it could very well bite you on the ass. Protect yourself in the ways that are healthy for you to do so but also open up to what is in front of you ready and willing to pounce and play. Responsible love comes without a nasty hangover and you have too much to play with right now to be locked in a dark room during daylight hours eating stale pizza.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

I would like to propose a prediction for you. I see you making leaps and bounds of track-star proportions in the direction of any and all physical healing you might need right now. I also see this affecting how you feel about your home-base. It’s essential that you are able to let yourself luxuriate in your inner most chambers and I highly suggest that you buy yourself a little something or other. Help yourself feel more like the Queen of your castle and the servant of the sacred act of caring for it. I say all this, and have been saying things like this for the past few weeks, in hopes that you take advantage of the areas of life in which you can flourish because, you know, there’s always other things lurking round the corner…

Speaking of which, when it comes to matters of the heart you are under a specific set of guidelines in terms of how far you are able to push your luck, push others around or push your feelings aside. Don’t. In terms of relationships, it doesn’t matter how careful we play it, what we do right, what we do wrong and what we just don’t know to do; our hearts are going to get bruised, broken and batted about.

But if we are going to get in the ring we might as well do so willing to give it our all: all of our integrity, all of our righteous rock’n’roll rambunctiousness and all of our intense and unrelenting honesty. If you do, you may even be able to move mountains with others. You may be able to move through the mountains of muck and mess that have been stock-piled from your past.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

The mind is bouncing, brimming and bounding towards beauty but the body, my dear overly active mental momma, is in need of some love. The body loves routine and whatever the body loves, so does the mind-at least after the fact. Feeling physically good helps us think positively. Stretch both right now. Try not to let yourself get too stiff.

Move about.

Moving about will allow you to get deeper and at the same time it will inspire you in unforeseen ways. You need to go meet the people that are in your local environment. They have some sort of gift for you and/or you for them. Do what you do best and go show them who the mayor of this town is.

You seem to be in search of a deeper meaning in all the movement though. This isn’t just to tickle your fancy. And while some of your duties feel more like drudgery for you, small energy releases will help to lift your spirits and put some sparkle in your strut.

I am still urging you to write, speak, sing, paint and act your way into the most grateful and gracious of communications. Holler from the roof-tops and pray your little tuchas off. Not for fancy trinkets and golden nuggets but for a mind filled with nothing but thank-you and I got this.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

I offer you this: the most spiritual of blessings is not receiving what we want, it’s receiving the knowledge of what is in the way of realizing that we needn’t want for anything. We’ve already got it.

You’ve got this.

You’ve got this but it could so easily slip through your fingers if you refuse to play the game. And play you must. For the love of creation, play already. Take your low-self-esteem to the nearest theme park and stay there until you’ve both forgotten about yourselves for the fun you are having. Just divert your attention.

Hey, look over there!

Hope. In spades. Hope. In many colors. Hope. Hopefully. You are poised for some pretty superior sunshine in terms of understanding your self-worth and earning capacity, potential and personal power. You need you to capitalize on your currency. No one else’s belief in you can make this potion as potent as you can. Others help, this is for sure, but you’re the only one that can open the door to their warm casseroles and freshly baked welcome-to-the-neighborhood pies.

And it’s time, isn’t it? It’s time to come home to a space that you are welcomed, wanted and adored in. Let that happen in as many ways as you can, especially by valuing what you bring through the door.

Leo & Leo Rising

From Tuesday to Friday you have more planets in your first house than the House of Representatives has Republicans. The sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Leo are all preening their magnificent manes in your sign.

Who is the fairest of them all?

I’ll put my money on the Goddess of Love. With Venus’s recent arrival, there is even more reason to adore you. When She graces our sign it maximizes our magnetic majesty and helps us feel at ease. When Jupiter lends us its powers we are, at the very least, more willing to believe that we can actually make shit happen. In short, you are ready for your close-up in this potent and pleasureful energy so take some of this summertime and make it funner-time.

The skies most likely won’t stay so rosy, (ugh, I know). Saturn (stern sister) and Mars (mean momma) are joining forces on the 25th in the area of your chart that deals with security, foundation, home, family and parents. This curdling of commotion will affect you in very direct ways but more so if you aren’t conscious of your needs here. So in the midst of summertime-funnertime don’t be afraid to also get down on your hands and knees and clean house when necessary, courageous kitties.

Then get back to the party.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

If ever there was a time to examine your own inner workings it is now. If ever there was a time to examine your own inner workings with a loving light to examine it with, this is it. It’s all well and good to go digging about in the closets of our pasts and the boiler rooms of our shame but unless some sort of soothing hand is at our back the work makes us too weary.

My prayer for you is that you feel the invisible hands of those that love you, whether they are here or in some other realm, steadying you in this phase of your healing. Because you are most certainly healing. You are healing some very old self image issues, ones perhaps from this lifetime, other lifetimes or times long gone but lived while in this body.

I’m still going to bang the drums of spiritual practice as part of your weekly dose of do right. I’m still going to say that mediation is one sure and steady path to self-love. I’m still going to ask that you take your dreams seriously enough to write them down (at the very least). I’m going to add to that mix that you not put too much weight in the words of others. There are many slippery fish around you right now and your best bet is to listen to the voice within before you buy any swamp land or sweet nothings that turn out to be, well, nothing.

Libra & Libra Rising

Pour it on.

Thick. Love them. Tell them you love them. Demonstrate that you love them. Get down while you do so. Dance towards them. Be the star of your own video and make everyone you work with, hang with and holler at be the object of your affection. Be big about it. Be bold about it. Be so generous you are left dazzled by the sheer exuberance you are left with by doing such good deeds.

Express yourself. Leave no sentiment unturned and no longing unarticulated to those that should hear such pleasantries.

Pour it up.

Share your passion and play the fool for your friends. Offer yourself as the jester to their jammed up hearts. Make ‘em laugh, Libra. Like fall down on their knees, belly laughs that threaten to render them completely unhinged. They need it, and the truth is so do you. Anything you give out right now stays with you as reputation, but this has so little to do with what others may think about you and has everything to do with how they feel about you.

Leave them struck by your beautiful bouquets of generosity and your absolute willingness to give of what you have.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

It’s a take no prisoners kind of time for you, Scorpio. You mean business or at least your astrology does. Business is most efficiently conducted with boundaries, baby, boundaries. If you have ‘em, you’re solid. If you don’t, it’s a whole lot of hot mess right quick.

The lines you draw around you will be tested and you will most likely be testing others. The two most devious and demanding diva-dudes are teaming up in your sign and will be conjunct on the 25th. From now until then that energy is building. I have to say that I kind of dig it for you. If you take life seriously and keep all desires to destroy on the down-low you could get a tremendous amount of work accomplished which will earn you a truck-load of respect.

At the same time the two most benefic and helpful energies are teaming up in your Tenth House of career and social standing. We are talking about a 1980’s style power-suit-with-shoulder-pad-wings type of a lift along with the superwoman wind beneath them. Make use of this by strutting your stuff in the most gorgeous and gracious of ways.

There is nothing sexier than someone with a tremendous amount of power who freely extends it to others. There is nothing more powerful than someone who refuses to control another with the power differential that is present, and there is nothing more important than using our power to point out the injustices that others without it suffer.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

I want to point out two things, the same things that we have been working with and will continue to work through together for the rest of the month: the beliefs that you hold consciously and those that you are unconscious of.

First of all, your conscious beliefs are getting a very sweet swell of secrets usually stashed away for those willing to walk the rigorous path of self-discovery. In the grand scheme of things these lessons do not come easily, however, wisdom wafts its way into your ear shot and it’s just too tempting to pass up. You are open to such teachings at this moment and that’s all we ever really need to be. We don’t have to be top of the class or the brightest bulb in the bunch, we just have to be willing to be teachable.

And patient.

Patience is required for the second half of this equation. Patience is required when dealing with matters of your unconscious (which you are) because there are burdens there that cannot be brought into the light too quickly. Like a photograph developing in a dark room, we need to give the material in our psyche time to become images we can recognize. Psychic material has the kind of grain that can tear at the fabric that separates the known from the unknown. It’s thin, this sheath of seeming sanity, it’s thin but it’s important to sustain if one is to navigate through the waking world with an appropriate amount of decorum. Don’t rush the deeper, darker stuff. Offer it your attention, your respect and your very best impression of one who is not afraid of such things.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Mutual aid, Capricorn. Scratch their backs and buckle their shoes. It will improve your business ten-fold (unless you completely resent doing so because if that is the case that is all they will feel).

Most joint ventures right now are bound to bring out the best in you and test the boundaries you have with your most important work-place allies, intimate partners and all the folks you make mutual investments with. The more graciously you can admit when something isn’t working the quicker you will get the the overarching reason why it isn’t.

Trust that when things go awry, especially with others, they are doing so for a reason and that reason will reveal itself when it’s good and ready to do so.

So, let go graciously. Let go like you aren’t depending on it to stay. Let go like you know full well that everything always works itself out as it needs to. Let go like you know full well that whatever needs to stay will and whatever goes leaves as a blessing in disguise.

Give thanks for the inheritances your ancestors have graced you with, for your grand mamma’s feet, your great-auntie’s swagger and your great-great-grandfather’s courage to cry. Reach back into the mutual blessing that you are, even if you don’t know whose is what and where it comes from; its yours now. Claim it, rename it and invest it in the best deals available.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Last week we talked about a wild love for you and if you were successful in allowing some of those lessons to break the harder husks of your heart, this week you get to graduate to a BIG LOVE.

But big love needs to start within, otherwise it’s like getting a gallon of ice-cream and having no one to share it with: it just goes to waste. Everyone in the world could drop to your feet, extolling every virtue you posses and it would only be a temporary boost to your ego but not a long-term investment in your bank account of self-esteem. Only truth can do that. Only you can justify your love of another or their love for you. Only you can know that you are worthy of the opportunity to express such a love.

If I could cut and paste the astrology, this week is a beautiful one, a sweet one, one with glorious amounts of sweeping romantic gestures and sonnets sung to you from hearts ablaze for you. And while this may be true, it’s also true that there is at the same time there is a great need for you to take the reigns in a very public way in your life. There is a pressure that is building between your romantic relationships and your public persona, between your inner and outer personalities and your desire to find your own way in the world and have peace in your home and family life.

But I want to make it explicitly clear that you are helped this week. So wrap yourself in those healing hands that extend themselves, especially if you feel the pressure of something greater closing in on you. You are still learning the fine art of self-mastery and navigating the rocky terrain of this level of your individuation. What may get ignited is both a need to find a way through the world that is uniquely your own and soft arms to fall into when the world seems to want to eat you for a mid-morning snack.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Just go with it. Go with the flow of your current physical fortune. Go with the flow of your creative tempo during the day. Don’t question it, don’t hold it back, you have more energy now than you have had in recent times. This is in part due to a moment of mental clarity, optimism and the ability to see possibility.

Go with that.

We spend so much of our time thinking that we know exactly how everything will turn out. Our mind is wired to see the doom, gloom and dangers that loom. We can’t help it, until we are conscious of it. This week gives you a moment to grapple with the more repressive routines you roam through with the clear light of a jovial Jupiter to guide you. Sometimes all we need is to borrow the goggles of Glinda The Good Witch in order to see that the power has been with us all along.

The most impressive piece of your astrology is that this isn’t all fluff and puff thinking. You are up against situations, beliefs, cultural concepts, laws and philosophies that seem very concretely immovable. You are grappling with all of that and you are given the mental clarity and the physical prowess to move straight past it.

Just remember: you’re going to want to hold on to whatever good news and good clues come through the pipelines this week to help you navigate through the rest of the month.

For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

Cosmic muse, mythical translator, inspirational cheerleader, embodied coach, health enthusiast, lover of tea.