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Kendall Jenner Threw Money At A Waitress’ Face Because She Couldn’t Turn Up


kendall and hailey

In news that is not at all news, Kendall Jenner threw $cash-money$ at a waitress’ face because she was denied alcohol. Why was she denied alcohol? Because she is a child. She is 18 and while in Europe it’s fine to turn up, here in ‘Merica it’s not OK. I mean, it’s OK in secret, in your mom’s basement, in your dorm room or with a fake ID . . . Obviously it makes no sense that you can enlist in the army and kill people on behalf of the government, or even die yourself, but not have a PBR at the age of 18 but the fact of the matter remains that it is illegal.

According to Page Six, Kendall was hanging with Hailey Baldwin at Mercer Kitchen last night.  “The staff wouldn’t serve her [booze] because she’s underage. Kendall got up and left and didn’t pay for all the food . . . about $60 worth, and without a tip.”

The server then ran after them, but Hailey and Kendall were laughing, “Kendall took a couple of $20 bills out of her wallet, threw them at the server and walked away, not even counting if it was enough or if it included a tip.”

The server happened to be Blaine Morris, who played Betty on MTV’s Skins but is now back to waitressing (bummer), and she tweeted, “That horrible moment you chase a kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill to be thrown money in your face.— ”

If you’re 18 and trying to turn up, do it with grace, be a little subtle and be aware that if an adult serves you alcohol it’s them who is going to get into trouble. Don’t put your shit on somebody else ’cause you don’t respect the law, homie. Also how about not treating service workers like they are underlings born to satiate your every truffle fry, tequila sunrise fantasy? They are people who happen to do a job that is different than your job, they are not indentured servants and even if they were when is it ever OK to degrade another human being by throwing things at them or humiliating them?

Hailey’s people said, “They thought everything was paid for. Kendall was polite and asked ‘Does this cover it?’ They didn’t run.” Yeah, OK.

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