13 of Hilary Duff’s Most Iconic Fashion & Beauty Moments from the 2000s

Hilary Duff is BACK. Need proof? Well, she’s been the subject of two College Candy stories in the past few days, so that’s huge. Also, she has a new TV gig and a weird new single and she’s back in the tabloids because she and her husband, like, split but didn’t split, and Aaron Carter confessed he’s still in love with her (in the creepiest way possible) and all that.

In honor of Hilary’s phoenix-like ascension, we’re taking a look back in time, all the way back to the golden age of Lizzie McGuire, to see how perpetual trendista Hilary interpreted the major trends in fashion and beauty through the years. Warning: This may leave you filled with nostalgia for butterfly clips and mood rings.

[Lead image via Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty Images]

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