25 Things Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Are Probably Doing Now That They’re Roommates

Taylor Swift is making things super official with someone she’s grown close to over the past few months! Yes, that sentence is intentionally supposed to make you think that it’s a male companion; unfortunately that’s not the case as we all know Taylor would have released 73 songs documenting the relationship already.

The Stir is reporting that Taylor Swift asked her new BFFL, Victoria Secret’s model Karlie Kloss, to move in with her. People close to them are saying that the two are inseparable. They even just went on a road trip together. Awwwwww! It’s nice to not hear about Taylor being attached to a guy for once.

We wish them the happiest roomie/bestfriend-dom ever! Here a list of things they’re probably doing in their happy home:

1. Talking about all the boys they knew were trouble

2. Baking pies

3. Adopting kittens

4. Knitting sweaters

5. Practicing cat-eye liner

6. Having mini fashion shows after a day of shopping

7. Getting mani/pedis while sipping mimosas

8. Planning their next road trip

9. Scrap booking  their first road trip

10. Taylor is coaching Karlie on how to be 22

11. Sharing awesome products from their sponsors with each other

12. Using those products to give each other makeovers

13. Making us all jealous by posting pictures of their made-over selves on Instagram

14. Sipping hot chocolate in front a hearth wearing footie pajamas

15. Making floral headbands from flowers they grow in their garden

16. Making their own pasta

17. Sticking pins inside Voodoo dolls of their exes

18. Gossiping about Selena Gomez (Taylor’s ex-BFF)

19. Working out

20. Having karaoke night ( girls only!) singing The Dixie Chicks

21. Dancing awkwardly because no one is watching

22.  Gossiping about Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner Connor Kennedy, John Mayer,  and Jake Gyllenhaal

23. Writing award winning poetry

24. Karlie is teaching Taylor how to model Vickie’s underwear

25. Being disgustingly cute like the rest of us with our best friends

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