5 Dating Lessons We Can All Learn From “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s a lot you can learn about life from Kimmy Cakes and all her celebrity adventures. As we all know, she has particular experience with men — using them to climb the social ladder, deciding not to date so she can “work on herself,” making stupid decision in relationships.


She’s used these experiences to help her create “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” where you can use your personal for professional gain, much like she has done in reality. Sounds shallow as hell right? In concept it is, but The Frisky has five lessons you can learn from the game that can be applied to a non-Hollywood life. Turns out, moving from an an E to A-List celebrity can teach you a thing or two about the world. Kudos to Kim K for the insight.

Check out these dating don’ts, 5 Real Life Dating Lessons From “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” on TheFrisky!

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