People Doing Celebrity ‘Makeup Transformations’ Is What America Needs

Is it only Tuesday? Seriously. It’s been a rough week. Between the international crises in Iraq, Gaza and the crises here in America concerning police brutality against unarmed, young Black men, this time in the case of Mike Brown. Oh and then of course, one of the most iconic actors of my childhood, Robin Williams, passed away in a terrible way. Sigh. It’s been a rough week where it’s time to really figure and reflect on what’s important. It’s also a moment in history where we should try not to get super bummed out despite all that’s going on. For me, what’s important and what helps, is laughing. I think Patch Adams would be with me on this one. Laughter is the best medicine. While many people were using Twitter to mourn the loss of a great actor or the loss of a great son, others were letting off some steam.

I can guarantee that you will not laugh more today. People took to Instagram to poke fun at the ever so popular “makeup transformation.” Beauty gurus will post a sequence of photos where they transform into more refined versions of themselves. In these awesome parodies men and women dab a little lotion on their face, add a few accessories and BOOM, suddenly they’ve become Lupita or Hey Arnold or Ginuwine! They’re literally, actually, too good.

I couldn’t even pick the best so here are basically all of them because yuuuuuusssss.

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