The 27 Very Best Worst Tinder Pickup Lines. To The Left, To The Left.

Tinder is where love goes to die and the sexxy times go to live. I know lots of couples who have met on OKCupid or, but I have never met a couple that has met on Tinder. I do however know plenty of people who have used the app to get laid, which is great. Like Christina wrote, hookup culture is an awesome thing for women and dudes alike. However, while I think most of us having the hooking up part down, (A goes into B) some of us don’t have the social game down quite yet.

The funny thing is everyone is pretty much on there to find a one night bae (and maybe see each other again if things go good) but the dudes on there still haven’t figured out that they should probably address sexual or romantic prospects like human beings and not like blowup dolls. You wouldn’t walk up to me and say, “Hey, can I eat Nutella off you?” Why would you say that via text? Here’s a simple rule: If you can’t say it to my face, don’t say it in a text. Not only is that super lame but I’ll probably think you’re a coward and be immediately turned off by you. curates the best of the worst Tinder pickup lines because we’ve all experienced them. You’d be surprised at how many times a day we get asked, “Can you sit on my face?” before breakfast.

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