University of Alabama Had The Biggest Sorority Rush In America. Holy Sh–

The University of Alabama had the biggest sorority rush in America with over 2,250 chicas rushing. Damn. That is a lot of solo cups. I can’t imagine going to a school where Greek life is so prominent and overwhelming. How do you even get school work done where there is so much temptation to drink spiked sweet tea and baewatch at parties?

never seen so many girls in one place at one time #alabamarush #rush

— m (@mariellemathe) August 10, 2014

University of Alabama is pretty much known for breaking records when it comes to rush. HuffPo reports, “Alabama had the largest recruitment enrollment numbers in 2013, with 2,113 students participating during that round, Johnson added. It represents a consistent growth over five years, up from 1,490 women registering for rush at UA back in 2009.”

Hopefully this year the school will be able to move forward from recent scandals and do what sororities do best: have fun. A national representative will be present at each sorority to handle all the ladies.

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