7 Premium Places To Go Bae Watching

There are a lot of little things that bring you tons of joy in the world: eating (particularly sea salt and caramel gelato) sleeping, and looking attractive men. You shouldn’t have a problem with the first two — unless you’re in college, in that case you just need to find your life— but the latter isn’t always the easiest to do. Sure you can always hop online to looks at pictures of Dylan O’Brien, Michael B. Jordan or whoever else tickles your fancy, but there’s nothing like seeing a fine specimen live and up close. This, we call bae watching.

Of course these guys aren’t your real life bae, it’s just fun to pretend they are. But where do you find them? Like a rare species, attractive men are hard to find but can be spotted if you know their habitats. Next time you need a place to go bae watching, check out these locations.

1. Foot Locker (For Trendy Bae)

Be weary of bae that’s too trendy, because he tends to come with narcissistic issues. But bae that’s just trendy enough to have a fresh pair of sneakers is a good thing. He’s of the times, but not a hype beast.

2. The Men’s Department in Nordstrom (For GQ Bae)

No girl can resist a good looking man in a suit! This is creme de la creme bae. Not only does this guy have style, he’s got the wallet for it too. When looking for real bae, it’s not all about the money but imaginary bae has to be rich bitch! A girl has to dream.

3. A Basketball court or football field (For Bae & Co.)

This is a classic place to find bae having some fun. See bae’s competitive side as well as his sportsmanship…and ya know, his glistening muscles. Plus, he isn’t there alone so you don’t have to be either. Make this one an outing with all your gal pals.

4. The Gym (For Iron-Pumped Bae)

At a basketball court or football field, bae is having fun with his friends. At the gym he means total body sculpting business also know as God’s gift to women. Go ahead and oogle at him, that’s what he’s there for anyway.

5. The Barber Shop (For Well Groomed Bae)

The barber shop is to men what the hair salon is to women, aesthetically and socially. You will always find good looking men at a barber shop because good looking men tend to groom themselves. Personally, there’s nothing sexier to me than a well kept beard and a low cut Caesar with the deep waves *queue Beyonce’s voice.*

6. The Cafeteria (For All Baes)

Bae gets hungry and since you aren’t at his place to cook him a meal, he’s going to the cafeteria to get some food. There’s isn’t one type of bae you’ll find here because all baes need food, so you can see them all in their natural habitat. Kinda like a zoo.

7. The Library

Bae wants to graduate just like you do! On a late week night, he’s in their studying his ass off to ace his next test. He probably doesn’t want to talk right now, but keep your eye on this one. He has goals and will be achieving them and one day he may have money.

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