My Holy-Grail Cleanser, Cetaphil, Now Offers Cleansing Cloths

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a Cetaphil devotee. I can recall my mom wrangling me when I was a kid, smearing the clear cleanser all over my face. It’s been my go-to ever since.

What’s so great about Cetaphil? It’s the most gentle cleanser ever, pretty much. It’s great for girls with sensitive skin as it’s free of all those extra ingredients. There are no bells an whistles or fancy packaging here; it’s just a super simple, effective cleanser that gets the job done. And it’s affordable.

I’m not sure how long they’ve been on shelves now, but I do know that Cetaphil’s facial wipes are a total game-changer. For starters, they’re awesome for travel, a super convenient little packet you can stash in your bag and use while you’re on the go – no need to sacrifice your skincare regimen.

I’m sure you’re like, “Okay, so facial wipes have been around forever, what’s the big deal?” Well here it is: A lot of girls, myself included, just can’t tolerate facial wipes on their faces. That’s why a super gentle find is essential – you’re getting all the benefits of a facial wipes (think portability, ease of use, ability to get makeup off easily) without all the harshness you normally expect from them.

Add the fact that you can find these babies at your local drugstore and I’d say it’s a win/win/win, wouldn’t you?

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