The 12 Times Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Became The Same Person

You know how you become best friends with someone and then, like, become them? I haven’t done it in years but I’ve done it. Maybe “grownups” shouldn’t be doing that but my God, is it so fun to do. I met my bestest friend in sixth grade and by the time we were sophomores in high school strangers would come up to us and ask us if we were twins. When people would meet us they would gasp, “You look just alike!”
To be clear, we look nothing alike. We actually look nothing alike. She has these angular, high cheekbones and long, wavy hair. I have a round, squishy face and short, straightened hair. Our faces, not even our bodies, were ever similar but we were totally in sync. It was the noticeable kind of sync. I remember my brother saying, “I can tell you two are talking shit about people by how you look at each other.” We didn’t need words to communicate our shade. We dressed similarly. We did everything with each other. We were sisters in every way but blood and it was great and bittersweet to have a friend like that. It wasn’t that she was imitating me or I her, it was like some weird mind meld that could only occur from sharing experiences, interests and a sense of humor with each other.
I think Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are experiencing the best-friend-twin phenomenon. They’ve officially become roommates (which is sadly where my friendship began to hit many road bumps and grudges) and are probably going to continue their fusion until there isn’t any red lipstick left on the planet.
Karlie is definitely the younger, more laid back “twin,” while Taylor is always impeccably put together and a bit older (probably a little bossier). Their Instagram adventures are actually the best.

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