The Essential Checklist For Your Final Year of College

So, you’re about to enter your final year of college. Maybe you’re excited for the whole education thing to finally be over. Maybe you’re bummed about leaving your friends. Maybe you’re crapping yourself over the idea of having to enter adulthood. Whatever. However you’re feeling, there are a couple of things you NEED to do before you throw your cap into the sky and say sayonara to college life:

1. Make sure you actually do the work.

Don’t relax just because you’re almost done – make sure you hustle to get the grades you need, fulfill any requirements, and get shit done.

2. Explore your campus.

Sure, you’ve been there for three years already, but do you REALLY know the area? Have you been tried that café everyone mentions? Do you know the best pizza joint on campus? Dedicate this year to exploring and getting to know your place of learning. Don’t leave college feeling like you never really knew the city you called home for a short period of time. Go out and explore.

3. Make use of the resources.

Up until this point, you’ve probably only used the library for textbooks. Why not try heading over and just reading some cool stuff, for fun? Remember that you’re paying a lot of money for a lot of cool stuff – make the most of it by using all the stuff that’s open to you, whether it’s heading to events with freebies, making the most of a free gym, or just going HAM at the cafeteria.

4. Make the most of being near your friends.

This may be the last time you’ll ever live so close to your best buds, so you better enjoy it. Balance working hard with trying to spend some quality time with the people you’ve met at college, it’s important and that’s how you’ll make sure these friendships actually last.

5. Reach out to new people.

It sounds weird, ’cause your first year is typically the time to make new friends, but trust me on this. I can guarantee that there are people you see around all the time, but never speak to. If you think they’re cool, tell yourself that THIS is the year you’ll be brave and say hello. Leave it too late, and it’s highly likely you’ll never see them again. Make the first move, and you could make a lifelong friend.

6. Work out your post-graduation plan.

It’s all well and good enjoying the time you have left in college, but what the heck are you going to do once it’s all over? Even if you’re not sure of your career goals, at least dedicate some time to working out what you’re actually going to do with your days, whether it’s planning a vacation or applying to a bunch of internships. You can’t leave it any longer, so get planning NOW.

7. Try new things.

The majority of people don’t do the things they want in college because they’re too shy or scared in their first year, then start to think it’s too late after that. It’s not too late. Make your final year the year when you FINALLY get over your fears and join the hockey club/try out for the newspaper/learn how to salsa dance. You will never regret trying.

8. Save some cash.

Don’t give up experiences just because you’re trying to save, but cut back on the little luxuries. You’ll thank yourself later, when you actually have some cash to get to and from interviews and buy food.

9. Set up some concrete plans with your friends.

Seriously, do it. Don’t be all chill and nonchalant – if you want to see your friends after graduation, chat and set up some dates. A girls’ holiday is a great idea, ’cause it will give you something to look forward to when you’re sad and unemployed AND means you have no excuses not to stay in touch. But honestly, use the year to make these kinds of plans. You’ll be surprised how easy it is for people to slip away.

10. Embrace and love every moment.

On the first day of your final year of college, promise yourself that you will try and love every single last bit of this year. Go to your classes, and feel happy about how much you’re learning. Take everything in. Look around your campus and notice how pretty it is. You WILL miss this place one day. You will miss your only job being learning, you’ll miss lying in on a Thursday morning, and you’ll even miss doing assignments. Make a conscious effort not to bitch about a single moment, and just love it instead.

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