We Need This Beyoncé Back To School Bundle Because It Is Flawless

Beyoncé dropped a school supply bundle for $75.  It’s now available on her site along with a $125 backpack for charity. The bundle includes a set of pencils with each song name on them, two notebooks, two tote bags with the phrase “Mine” and “Beyoncé,” a poster, a t-shirt and a pencil case that reads, “Flawless.” The backpack is a limited edition BeyGOOD x STATE Union collaboration created for Bey’s global charity campaign.

Bey says, “For each BeyGOOD X STATE Union sold, STATE will hand-deliver a Durham backpack to an American child in need through the 2014 back to school initiative, impacting thousands of students in underfunded neighborhoods. To read more about this tremendous collaboration.” Pretty cool to get something and give something back.

I don’t know who uses pencils anymore but they are very cute and I am addicted to school supplies and I want them. Those notebooks remind me of doing science labs in high school omgaaaaaaawd.

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