5 Bad Hair Day Fixes We Love, No Ponytails Required

Let’s get one thing straight (or curly/wavy/whatever): every single girl ever, no matter how genetically blessed, has the occasional bad hair day. It’s like a force of nature, something inevitable and completely derailing. I’m going to be honest with you here. There’s really no way to make your mane look #flawless on a BHD, at least not as far as I know. With that being said, you can make your bad hair look presentable, which is really the most anyone can ask for, right? Sure, you may be tempted to just snatch that hair up into a messy ponytail and call it a day but trust, there are more inventive ways to deal with it. Let’s look at a few of them.

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Wear a hat: Granted, this is a more risky look because who rolls into class in a fedora? But the beauty of tossing a hat over your bad hair day is that it completely covers up the problem area. And honestly? You may feel totally overdone walking around with a hat on but other people will probably think you’re some fashion-forward trendsetter. If you want to go with something more low key, a baseball cap is a great solution. Just stick to a solid-colored hat instead of a team cap to keep it more stylish than sporty.

Use dry shampoo even on clean hair: There are certain days when nothing – not even a wash and blow dry – are going to save the situation. But no matter how clean your locks are, you can always turn to dry shampoo as a solution for flat, lackluster hair. It just gives your hair that sort of windblown, voluminous texture that looks even better when it’s messy.

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Pin your hair to the side: It doesn’t really get easier than this – simply fasten one small section of your hair to the side of your head with a clip. You pull back all the hair from the side of the part with less hair on it for a more glam look, or you can pull back some hair from the side with more hair falling for a more simple, innocent look.

Spin Pins: Use them to fasten your messy bun in the most effortlessly cool way ever. That’s it.

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Channel Blair Waldorf: And wear a headband. Seriously, it seems sort of juvenile and/or 2008 at first thought but it is a great way to fix a bad hair day. The part of your hair the really changes your overall look is the front section so push that whole part back and hold it of your face with a en elastic headband. It’s a seriously flattering and simple look.

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