The 5 Best Things About Being A Transfer Student

1. You get a new start. The number one reason I transferred was because I just couldn’t. There are moments in life where you simply cannot. Whatever gets you to the place of no longer being able to, and by that I mean: the inability to thrive in your environment or feel excited about your situation, is going to be different. Transferring can erase all of that. It really can alleviate the angst, stress or discomfort you are feeling. I left Sarah Lawrence College because I didn’t fit.

The attitude, the lack of community, people pretending not to care about stuff to seem cool, ugh. It was a small campus too, after 3 semesters I had met everyone and, I simply could not. This is an opportunity to alter your history in your favor. To do things and not let things happen to you.

2. You get new friends. New friends, new ‘tude. The people you surround yourself with can change you in all the right reasons or stifle you in all the bad ones. A new campus is a new opportunity to meet people who challenge, inspire and comfort you. I felt like the friends I had were friends because of convenience not because of any real connection we had. You know when you’re a freshman and you sort of hangout with whoever is there? I wanted to form real lasting bonds and that wasn’t possible until I ditched SLC for NYU. One of the reasons for that is that there were simply more people. NYU has 30,000 students while SLC had 1,500. Finding a campus that is more in tune with your passions and personality will lead you toward more quality friends.

3. You get a new setting. Aesthetic is everything. If you’re stuck in a drab and dreary living situation or camping situation a new environment can revitalize you. New cafes, new hangout spots, new uncomfortable dorm mattresses. Sometimes seeing the same thing everyday, especially if it already depresses you, can seriously cloud your perspective. There is nothing like the sensation of a new place that will rejuvenate your attitude.

4. You get two experiences to pull from. The best part of being a transfer student is that you have two different experiences. Maybe you know the difference between big and small campuses, public and private colleges, liberal arts and party schools. You’ll have a better sense of what you like and what you don’t like. You’ll have been exposed to different kinds of people and experiences.

5. Relief. Breathe that sigh of relief. A lot of your troubles are gone. Whether you left for financial reasons or personal reasons, you’ve made a choice in the right direction. You’ve begun to control your destiny and good things always follow when that happens.

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