These DIY Long Distance Friendship Mugs are the Perfect Back to School Treat

Today for National Coffee Month we’re giving you the sweetest token of friendship ever, brought to us by Southern Mess. This is possibly the cutest thing in the world…actually, babies and puppies have it beat, but this comes right after that!

Gift a coffee mug to your best friends before you go off to school this year so that they’ll be thinking of you and you of them with every cup of Joe. If you’re anything like me, you’re territorial over cups— everyone in my apartment knows not to touch my Harry Potter mug or my M&M mug. Judge me, I don’t care!— and this cup would definitely be on my “don’t you dare touch this” list. These matching mugs are easy to make and here are Southern Mess’ instructions for how to make some for yourself!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

2 white coffee mugs (Target $3)

Paint Sharpies (whichever colors you prefer)

An oven

Here’s How You Do It:

Once you’ve found your friend, preheat your oven to 350 degrees and then teach yourself how to draw both your state and their state. Warning: drawing states is NOT an easy task. Actually, I’m terrible at it and therefore, I’ve decided a tattoo artist career is NOT in my near future. Shocker. I know.

After you’ve practiced drawing both of your states ON PAPER, you’ll want to use eyeliner to draw the states on the actual mugs, I mean, unless you’re just a ridiculously talented state drawer because Lord knows I would have gone through an entire case of white coffee mugs had I went straight to the mug with a Sharpie.

Once you’ve drawn your states with eyeliner, trace around the outside of the eyeliner with your marker. Just a thin line, for now. Allow your marker to dry and using a wet rag or sponge, wipe away the eyeliner so that you just have the thin stencil of the state in marker. Go over the lines to make them as thick as you’d like.

Add whatever final touches you wish and stick those gems in the oven to bake for 45 minutes! (When you bake them, it seals the marker into the mug so that you can wash it over and over again without the marker rubbing off. Genius, right?! Not my idea...)

These mugs are just the sweetest things! Cheers to Southern Mess for the picture and the how-to. Check out her blog for more on healthy living and DIY projects!

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