This is Everything You Didn't Know About Sexting

Sexting. The photo craze every parent of a teenage girl is laying awake at night fretting over. Surprisingly, it’s a pretty common phenomenon that’s been around since ancient times (of course not in mobile phone form, but in other ways) as an accepted part of courting. Everyone reading this has either sent a nude pic, received one or has a friend that showed everyone the one she was sent.
Plainly put, there’s no way to escape seeing someone’s unmentionables in a dirty mirror selfie. In fact, sexting is so ubiquitous, studies show that those aforementioned worried parents are probably sending and receiving some risque pics themselves!
For the weirdest facts about sexing, check up the video roundup below.

You Actually Won't Believe These Tinder Hacks
You Actually Won't Believe These Tinder Hacks
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