#WhyWeNeedFrat Proves Why We Absolutely Don’t Need Frats

#WhyWeNeedFrat is a thirsty attempt by bros to start a “movement.”  The movement, created by Total Frat Move, if you look up the hashtag is pretty much failing miserably as only a few people have participated because there are other far more important things and hashtags going on in the country than giving a bunch of bros attention. While the hashtag is somewhat ironic because it points out basically all the reasons why people don’t like frat-bro-d-bags like misogyny, entitlement and brutish behavior, as a frat’s selling points, it still comes across as weirdly insensitive. Maybe it’s because #WhyINeedFeminism was serious and important in its convictions or maybe it’s because it’s not really that funny. It’s basically a miss.

I think these guys are trying to poke fun at themselves a bit which is totally cool but I think it’s sort of not funny because there are plenty of bros in frats that actually have this mentality and aren’t kidding when they talk about treating women like garbage or behaving destructively because they know they can get away with it.

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