10 Fashionable and Affordable Back-To-School Backpacks

Here in the UK, college students don’t typically wear backpacks (or, as we call them, rucksacks). Girls mostly use totes and shoulder bags, and while they look cute and all, it’s not so great for our backs/shoulders/general health. Books are HEAVY. The weight NEEDS to be evenly balanced. Carrying them all on one shoulder is not a good idea. There is legitimately no reason to endure physical pain in an attempt to look nice for class. For one thing, always looking incredible shouldn’t exactly be top of your list of priorities in college. You’re studying. You’re meant to look scruffy and exhausted. But also, there are SO MANY fashionable backpacks to choose from that you can actually accomplish the dream of looking stylish WITHOUT giving yourself permanent spine damage. It’s a miracle. [Lead Image from WeHeartIt]