This DIY Lemon Coffee Face Scrub Will Have You Feeling Squeaky Clean

This lemon and coffee face scrub will exfoliate the sheeeeiiit out of your face. I do have to caution though, lemon makes your skin very, very sensitive to the sun, you must wear spf 15 or higher after rocking this scrub. The alternative is to get sunburned or have your face peel off your face. Lemon is a chemical exfoliator because of the acids it contains which can help peel off dead skin. Coffee grounds work well to decrease inflammation so it’s great for acne prone skin as well.
The combination of lemon, coffee and sugar does make this scrub pretty intense. If you have very sensitive skin I can’t recommend it as a scrub but as a mask that sits atop your skin for 10 minutes it will work great. This also isn’t the kind of thing you should use everyday but more like once a week.

What You’ll Need

Coffee Grounds
4 Lemons


Step. 1. Start with a cup of wet coffee grounds in a bowl make sure the grounds are fine and not to big they will be abrasive on your face, squeeze 4 whole lemons into the coffee grounds.

Step 2.  Add a tbs of cornstarch to the mixture and stir the corn starch will help absorb any oils that was left on your face from the night before.

Step 3. Strain the grounds from the liquid you want a bit of moisture not to much

Step 4. Add a cup of sugar to the grounds

Step 5. Mix well and make sure you you pick the seeds out

Thank Savy Naturalista for the awesome recipe.

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