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Lock Up Your Ice Cream From Your Thieving Roommate



Thankfully, throughout my college experience I’ve had it pretty good in the roommate department. I’ve never had a major problem with any of the girls I’ve lived with. I know others have not been so lucky. There are some crazy people out there. Although my experience with roommates has been pretty good, I still had that one friend who will remain nameless that would drunk eat everything in our kitchen. It was almost like she did it on purpose, or her intoxicated self would just throw politeness to the wind. It’s ok, though, she always replaced what she ate.

However, with this new invention, the Euphori-Lock by Ben and Jerry, that wouldn’t even be a problem. It’s a combination lock that goes on the top of your ice cream so that only you can get inside. I know this device looks totally lame and ridiculous but I actually think it’s pretty genius. Think about it! Definitive proof that, yes, you really did eat the entire pint. No more blaming your roommate for your filthy habbits and no more wondering if she was the one that scarfed down all of your Chunky Munky.

I also feel like this revolutionized drunk eating. I can’t remember ANYTHING when I’ve been drinking, so there’s no way I would remember a combination to my ice cream, nor would I work that hard to get food. Seriously guys, I can tell you this invention is going to be a big deal.

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