Cosmic Candy: August 18th – 24th

This week wanders around a few topics. The main storytelling is done via the transits of Mercury. The planet of communication finds itself in opposition to Neptune on Monday/Tuesday. With Mercury in one of its own signs (Virgo), it has some ground to stand on as it faces the very ungrounded influences of Neptune in Pisces. A contact between these two planets can confuse, delude and derail us but the combination can also invoke untold inspiration and lead us into realms we weren’t previously aware were there. Neptune travels, trips out and transcends all space and time. Not the most useful of influences when trying to balance one’s checkbook but a fantastic muse for the majestic moments of life.
Mercury will then go on to trine Pluto on Thursday and by Sunday it will make an opposition to Chiron. This series of transits can lead us from confusion to a deep understanding of why such events capture our curiosities. One of the greatest gifts we can be given is getting busted and getting to see why we were so eager to be fooled in the first place.
The sun will ingress into Virgo on Saturday. Anytime the sun changes signs there is a shift in focus in our lives. The house it moves to becomes increasingly lit up and its issues heighten. There is usually an event or an increase in energy when the sun changes sign as well.
The moon grows darker everyday, rejoining the sun in Virgo on Monday, August 25th. The new moon itself is in a fine position as it goes through its rebirth, but Mars and Pluto have decided to team up on the same day. Mars (war, aggression, violence, passion, desire, direction), also in its own sign (Scorpio), will be tested by the limits and boundaries imposed by Saturn (authority, structure, rigid rules, self-respect and discipline). With this combination of aggression and domination, our police force (Mars) arms itself with an unyielding authoritarian power. The militarization of our police force is born. The trick is to not become docile in the face of such an army or become overly rigid and fearfully reactive either. The point is to not be ruled by fear. The reality is that we need to wake up and join together to outsmart the forces that would prefer to just roll over us with their treacherous tanks of terror. We must not become war mongers in our own lives. Hateful people cannot bring forth a loving and just world.
May we remember that war is no answer, not in Gaza and not in Ferguson. May we stop fighting amongst ourselves and find the fortitude that it takes to stand up for human rights, dignity and love. May we remember that it takes as much energy to heal a fractured world as it does to keep destroying it. May we choose wisely and walk with dignity towards a future that fosters life. All life.
Aries & Aries Rising
Even the most tuned-in among us sometimes suffer from temporary amnesia. It’s easy to forget how intricately connected our health is with our hearts, hopes and psychological edges.
You are riding one.
If you don’t respect your psychic limits, boundaries and boarders right now you may very well suffer the physical consequences of such follies. There is a tremendous energizing of this area of your life, meaning that you can get a lot of great therapeutic work done especially if you are reflecting and engaging in the material that arises when you partner with others. There is money to be made and possible business ventures to set sail on but being clear on what your roles are and what the boundaries of those roles are, is highly recommended.
There is a new moon on Monday, August 25th, in your Sixth House of Health and Service that I encourage you to meet with intentions (and actions) for new regimens that will support you the best. There is a tremendous flow of exuberant excess in your chart and with that there is a possibility for an inflated sense of entitlement. The next few weeks call for measured momentum and a consideration of the kinds of monuments you want your self-expression to leave behind.
Winning through wild antics is one thing but staying the course with an authentic and deliberate plan of action is another.
Taurus & Taurus Rising
You are primed, Taurus. Ready and raring to go. Like, it could not be more of a perfect storm to try and muddle your way through.
And muddle we must sometimes.
At least until we get a better sense of what is occurring and what that might mean for us. At least until we have an inkling about what we might actually feel about the situation. At least until we have come to the edge of reason and have a better understanding of what is actually important. And you will.
In the next two weeks you get all sorts of opportunities to dig into the structures that you have set with your significant others, creative partners and business buddies. The key here is to remember that you actually have access to the resources that you need in order to make the strongest choices for yourself. Don’t be fooled by fleeting self-doubt. Don’t fold when you can find your center, don’t flip when instead you are just about to find your footing.
The deal is that there is a great amount of your energy going out to others right now but there is also a tremendous need to understand the psychological perimeters of your partnerships. You are a bull, you love to build but if you hand the hammer and nails to the wrong folks you are going to get structures that are more like a Hollywood sound stage than an east coast brownstone.
Gemini & Gemini Rising
Inward you go. Inward and away, but don’t get lost in there. I would love you to have time to receive the kind of inspiration that is wafting around you now but I encourage you to stay away from feeling like you are losing your steam when really it’s just a moment out of the machine. You need to slip out the back door for a breather so you can remember the bigger possibilities and pictures you hold for your life.
One of the most important things to cultivate in this life is the ability to hold on. We need to be able to hold on and steady ourselves in all the uncertainty that comes and goes. There will always be something to doubt. There will always be something to fear. There will always be a chance, a possibility and possibly even a desire to back out of intimate situations. To stay in them means that we must feel, witness and accept or worse, reject, a part of ourselves. Every situation that bumps into our private life offers us this opportunity for growth. What we do is a piece of this but with what consciousness do we do it?
It’s OK to be confused. It’s OK not to know what to do. It’s OK to pause and wait for a signal, a light or a directive from the universe. You’ll get one by the end of the week if you can dance with the more deranged deities that will also visit you. Keep looking at a bigger picture.
The moon is waning, darkening all week. The new moon is occurring in your Fourth House of intimate spaces – places and where you might find traces of stories from childhood that haunt, taunt and tease the tormentors out of their slumber. A good way to combat this potential is to stick to the routines that keep you paced, steer clear of burn out activities, the relationships that drain you and the housing dynamics that don’t support your business.
Cancer & Cancer Rising
Hard work must be fueled by passion otherwise we end up feeling worked to the bone and depleted on every level. Hard work must bring us some degree of satisfaction otherwise we end up feeling like our life’s purpose is one big cosmic joke. Hard work must not feel hard, at least not all of the time.
There is likely to be a myriad of projects that you are anxious to get into. There is likely to be a lover or two that you are also anxious to get to. The thing about this astrology is that it’s about moderation – we can’t get to everything all of the time. Passion projects, pastimes and playmates are all great pals but if our energy is diverted in a million different directions nothing will get done.
And now is the time to get things done.
What needs to be kept off your iCal and who needs to be ex’d off of your dance card for the moment? What in this domain of your life can you work at that will actually help the whole ship get in the water and set sail?
The new moon on August 25th will begin something in your Third House of communication and short distance travel. It’s a great time to start writing projects, have helpful conversations and practice any divination system that helps you find your way.
Find your way.
It’s time and it’s running out. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to work towards realizing your greatest passion. You don’t want to spend even one more second pretending that you don’t care that you aren’t following your heart, gut and glory with everything you’ve got. You don’t. You want to use this moment to give your creativity the utmost respect by showing up. Show up.
Leo & Leo Rising
You’re poised to perceive yourself as stronger than you thought you could be. You’re under the right kind of conditions to conquer many a childhood foe. You are well aware that your greatest battle right now is the one that you wage with yourself, in the privacy of your own inner space.
It’s wonderful to look good to the outside world. It’s even better to feel some of this confidence taking up space and setting up shop in some of the most obvious of ways in your life. It’s even better to get to do something with that overflow of optimism.
It’s unfortunate that once we are grown we don’t know it. It sometimes seems like such a waste of one’s life to keep reliving the same old cycles of neglect, fear and apprehension. But in these moments, in these complexes and from these sometimes badly behaved inner bandits we learn great lessons. We learn how to steal our power back.
We must be stealth to outsmart the self that knows only how to survive and stay the course even when starving. We have to outsmart the outraged and ostracized aspects of self that threaten to tear down the tactics needed to advance.
But advance you must. Not without a temporary look back and a cleaning crew to clear a new path for you though.
The new moon on Monday, August 25th, wants to replenish your financial field but for this to be a successful adventure, we need to feel that we are worth the price of admission. Use this week to clear the old clutter so that next you can make a fresh fiscal start and mean it.
Virgo & Virgo Rising
With the sun moving back into your sign this coming weekend there is a definite feeling of your re-emerging. With your ruling planet, Mercury, opposing the loopty-loo, woo-woo, idealistic, ridiculously creative, imaginative and inspirational Neptune, you are bound to get caught by a few dream weavers this week. In fact, Mercury is a busy bee all week as it also trines Pluto and opposes Chiron by week’s end. What this could mean for you is something of a temporary communication snafu followed by a deeper understanding of why you might fall into such traps.
On Monday, August 25th, there will be a new moon in your sign. Baring that in mind, the next 7 days are a time of deep release as the moon sheds its light day by day. A new moon in our sign is an opportunity to manifest ourselves as a birthday present to our spirit. It’s a renewal of our vows to ourself. It’s a moment to remember what we are dedicated to and what we wish to bring forth in our next solar year. This new moon is sweet enough but the other astrology that accompanies it is no easy pass into the next lunar cycle. But easy isn’t awalys what we need. Apparently.
Apparently what we are in need of right now is the experience of hitting our limits when it comes to conflict, desire and drive. This may sound repulsive to an ear that has been fed an anything is possible kind of education. Anything is possible and everything has a consequence. For you this little test happens in your Third House of communication. Here we see themes of knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. You may be extremely hot under the collar in the coming weeks but the trick for you is learning moderation-and by that I mean not destroying yourself because things around you get tense, not doubting yourself when an authority can’t see your point of view and not leaving yourself just because others can’t hang with your truth. Tell yourself everything and let others know what is OK for you to share.
Libra & Libra Rising
A couple of things to take note of this week.
Firstly, I want you to hold onto and ruminate in any and all good fortune that landed this past weekend and into the first couple of days this week. If you need a reminder, check out last week’s horoscope and keep on feeding the good friends that bring you fortune.
Secondly, this week the moon is waning in light, meaning that we are at the end of a cycle. The new moon will occur on Monday, August 25th. It happens in an area of your chart that demands that you release your everything into the great void of nothing, i.e. take a break. Take a break and let your mind wander, entertaining all sorts of flights and fancies.
Thirdly, you might be like, ya astrology lady, thats all well and good but until you pay my credit card bill I cant really hear it. I get it. Financial stress and limitations may be having you wondering if you have bit off more than you can respectfully chew in polite company. This is possible, but not the end of the world. Slowing down may just be the perfect antidote to too much stress.
It’s also the perfect time to let your mind wander and wonder about what your next birth year could be about. This is the time to pause so that you can ponder what exactly you might want to pour your resources into during the next twelve moon cycles. Paint it, put words to it, make mantras out of it but make the most of the time leading up to it.
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
Stop. Drop. Dance when possible. Deepen. Deliver. Drive machinery under the influence of heavy self-mastery. Demand respect from yourself only. Celebrate your recent career victories even if those victories are only ideas that finally broke the surface of scrutinizing self-doubt.
Enough of that.
Enough of being too heavy to lift your hopes. Enough of being too down to look up and enough of being too fucked up to face up to your ab fab potential. Like my grandmother would have said with a definitive tone and a hand gesture to match, “Alright already!”
All right.
And you are ready, so act like it. It’s really hard to be fooled by flattery when you are definitively on your own side. When you are in awe of the parts of you that get up again and again and again you aren’t under the sway of public opinion.
That’s power.
I advise you to meditate on this principle as the week draws close to the last lunar loop. The new moon on Monday, August 25th, will occur in your Eleventh House of social so-and-sos and who’s where and what are they doing? But more than that this is the domain of your life where you can receive a tremendous amount of support from the folks you find yourself with. So ask, but ask from a place of self-possessed praise. Ask, or better yet make yourself available to the friends, fairies and fancy freaks that can and will assist you.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
There’s more light illuminating your purpose and helping you to see your ability to prosper this week. However, (always with the “however”, I know) there is an element, an energy and a possibility that you may be duped by your own fantasies about fulfillment. The most important thing to consider is who you are trying to please.
My suggestion is that if there is a business opportunity, work relationship or deal that looks too good to be true, it is. Steady yourself by holding any possible plans and commitments until you are sure of what the actual agreement is. This extends itself to parental relationships. The whole theme of the week is hanging in until we can see clearly. It’s so easy, too easy, to give up just because we can. Perhaps the worst thing for our spiritual development is comfort. Don’t get lost in the squishy, don’t let it impede your ishy.
Noodles can’t get very far.
If you feel a little taken down by something wait until you find your backbone, your big bones to pick and your bodacious banter so that you may tackle the test you’re under with your wonderful wit and relentless goodwill.
On August 25th the new moon will occur in your Tenth House of possessing your public persona and we really, really want you to do that. We want you to do that because you can’t refuse it any longer. We want you to do that because we need your kind of leadership. We want you to do that because we desperately need that kind of intense inspiration. We need to see everyday folks wander their own winding roads to self-possession. We need to see our neighbors, our nurses, our teachers, our librarians and our store clerks walk into work with dignity, purpose and self-respect.
This isn’t happening for you without paying a tremendous sum however. The hefty price tag is attached to all of the internal demons you have been kicking it with. The payment is your ability to navigate them with moderation, modesty and a magnanimous heart. You may be up against all that makes you furious but more fire won’t fix this fiasco. Lead with a willingness to learn.
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
As long as I know when I am allowed to go home, how long it will take to get there and that I have coconut bliss and tea to enjoy once I do, I’m good. Such are the signs of an introvert. While no one sign is responsible for introverted or extraverted personality behaviors these coming weeks are going to test the limits of what you feel you can and cannot handle in social situations. This includes communal expectations of you. Some of these may be misperceived by you though – not everything comes from the outside in.
When in doubt fold up your lawn chair and allow yourself the luxury of a time out. There will be plenty more parties and functions to attend this month, but for now we need you to focus on the ways in which you merely put up with bad behavior or have the chutzpah to take it on. But when you do take it on do you simply burn bridges or actually help yourself get your needs met by being clear, compassionate and correct?
Next Monday’s new moon occurs in your Ninth House of travel and expansion. For those reasons and others it’s highly recommended that you plan on expanding your horizons. Can you see past the normal rigamarole and forge your way towards wide open spaces that have less to do with what is expected of you and much more to do with getting what you came here to get out of life?
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
One of the most powerful transformational tools we have is the written word. From thought to feeling to pen to page an entire world is created. We are recreated in our own imaging. The idea of being able to recreate yourself is important for you right now. It’s important because you are being called upon to take a situation in your own hands. You are being called on to become your own authority.
What do you want your reign to be known for? When you take the throne how will you sit upon it? Pressure may lead you to want to rule with an iron fist but that isn’t how respect is won. And you are an Aquarius, the least of the star beasts that needs to be reminded of this. I only say it because the skies are a little extreme at the moment and it’s far too easy to be caught in the upsweep of reasons to be reactionary. Which is always an effective way to escape the looming threat of trudging through emotionally painful terrain.
You’ll miss out on the more subtle aspects of the truth if you forge ahead foolishly. You’ll miss out on the nuances and the gifts, the listening skills and the heart-felt humbling lessons that are wanting to warm you, inform you and adorn you with their wisdom. A great leader has patience for days. A great leader is more concerned with leading than following the group consensus that is usually based on fear. A great leader sees beyond their own personal desires for comfort and instead rallies its resources for the long haul that truth requires.
Pisces & Pisces Rising
You may get a particularly interesting version of the truth from your beloveds this week. You may experience a particularity interesting version of your beloveds this week. You may be and/or feel befuddled, confused, sidelined, sidetracked, derailed and deceived by your dealings with darlings. You could also be this source of such confusion for the ones your heart shares itself with.
But confusion can be a great key to clarity.
Knowing what you want and what you mean is extremely helpful for you and all of those you are in partnership with. Sometimes it’s not fair to share our confusion. Sometimes it’s not compassionate to just let it all hang out and air all your dirty laundry. Big love requires big, bad, bold boundaries.
It takes big, bad, bold boundaries to keep our integrity intact. It takes this kind of hem around our hearts to be able to express true love. Otherwise we are just continually falling into each others goo and getting caught in the cross fire of casual gone wrong.
Speak your truth, do not delay and do not cut down, cut off or criticize others unnecessarily. Next Monday’s new moon occurs in your Seventh House of lofty and lengthy love lessons. Think on what you are creating in your partnerships, what you would like to create and what would move you from being a survivor of the heart to a crusader for it.
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