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5 Items You Can Totally Borrow From Your Boyfriend


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Fact: Everyone wants new clothes. Fact: No one wants to pay for them. Fact: You can get clothes that are new (at least to you) for free if you borrow them from a loved one.

Sure, you may know your roommate’s closet like the back of your hand but there’s noting exciting about borrowing stuff from her anymore. At this point her closet is practically an extension of your own, a place where you can grab cute stuff that you’ve probs already worn. But if you borrow from someone unexpected, that exciting element returns.

Today I’m going to suggest a few looks you can pilfer from your man. And no, I’m not talking about sweatpants to wear around the house or enormous boxers to¬†wear when you stay at his place. I’m talking real stuff that you can style in such a way that they become cute and stylish on a girl.

A tee shirt: Choose one of his more fitted shirts for the effortless, breezy look that models everywhere have patented. Wear it with skinny jeans, leggings, shorts, even skirts for that cool, oversized look. Try pairing his plain white or gray V-neck with your favorite blazer or rock one of his band tees under your leather jacket. The options are endless.

A plain white button-down: It’s a classic look for a seduction scene, but if you’re petite you can totally rock his button-down as a dress…like out in public. Wear it over a slip to ensure it’s full-coverage and that any excessive shortness is under control and style the dress with some beige booties for a super cute summer look. This also happens to be the best cover up ever (just don’t take a shirt that’s too expensive).

A watch: If his watch has an adjustable band, snatch that thing up (if he’s okay with it, of course). There’s something chic and effortless about a woman wearing an oversized men’s watch and I’m particularly into this method…since it gets you the look for free.

A flannel shirt: The nineties are back in a major way so it’s totally time to embrace the plaid. Borrow one from your guy and wear it tied around your waist or over a short dress for a slightly grungy, edgy and totally on trend look.

Jeans: Okay, this one is a stretch…but if you’re guy’s waist size is somewhat similar to your own, try wearing his jeans as a great alternative to a pricey boyfriend style. You can cuff the bottoms if they’re too long – and don’t be afraid to try on his jeans even if you wear a size 26 and he wears a 30. Since you likely have wider hips than he does, you’ll need to size up a bit to wear guy’s jeans and that oversized slouchiness just makes it look better.

[Lead image via GQ]

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