Decorate Your Dorm With DIY Coffee Filter Garlands

Coming in today as we continue to celebrate National Coffee Month is an awesome DIY project that’ll provide a decorative touch to any room. Craft your own garland with something you probably having sitting in your pantry right now — coffee filters! With some filters and a little food coloring you can create this beautiful design to drape around your place. We honestly love items that can be used in different ways — and this idea is cheap and easy. Just how we like ’em.
Here’s how you can unleash your inner interior designer.
What You’ll Need:

Coffee Filters



Food Dye

Spray Bottle


How You’ll Do It:

Mix about two drops of food dye with water in the mini spray bottles, and then spray the filters. Make sure they dry completely.

Then use the needle to poke through the center of the filters, and one by one, string them together.

Lastly, scrunch and fluff the coffee filters to make it poofy, flowery, and full.

A big thanks to 31 Bits for this really cute decorating idea. This is a must try for sprousing up your dorm room or apartment this year!

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