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Taylor Swift’s New Song “Shake It Off” Is Daring You to Hate It


Taylor swift

OMG. You guys. Taylor Swift has been keeping a secret for, like, two years—she’s been working on a new album. Shocking, to literally no one—especially since she has been teasing a big secret for weeks now on Twitter. Taylor announced yesterday over a live Yahoo video that her new album would be called, “1989” based off the year she was born and that it is her first official pop album. The first single is “Shake It Off.”

I was a little disappointed to hear she was going full-on pop. In my opinion, pop needs a little bit of an edge otherwise it sounds like Disney-approved, boring, Rated G nonsense. Taylor isn’t really edgy, she keeps her sexuality under wraps, which is something hard for a female pop artist to do and I totally respect that about her. I just can’t see Taylor dropping the next, “Dark Horse,” “Partition,” or “Slave 4 U.” Not that pop has to be about sex but it has to have a little umph to it, a little roughness around the edges, a little attitude.

What I really wish is that Taylor would release a rock album. I love female, pop-rock, with my soul. Old school Avril, Fefe Dobson, Skye Sweetnam, Ashlee Simpson‘s iconic debut album, even Lindsay Lohan’s album—I long for that.

That was not the direction Taylor went in and her new single, “Shake It Off,” is pretty bad. Alex and I were lol’ing and eye-rolling at how thirsty and try-hard it seemed. The song doesn’t sound like a Taylor song. It sounds like it should be on Nick Jr.. There is zero substance, story, the beat is boring—to be honest it’s not much better than Hilary Duff’s flop single, “Chasing The Sun.”

I personally have a love-hate relationship with Taylor Swift.

There’s a lot to dig about this chick: she is the same age as me, one of the best-selling artists of our generation and she mostly writes her own music. Plus, she’s a not afraid to call some of the most famous men in the world assholes in her music, even if she won’t come right out and say it. There’s one thing I don’t like about Taylor, all of her songs, everything she talks about is how, “she’s not like the other girls, she’s so different from those other people.”

Taylor always defines herself against another person or group of “cool kids” by suggesting that she is better than them because she is really “down to Earth.” No one who is down to Earth spends an hour looking perfect for the paparazzi after the gym, they don’t buy houses next to the guy they are dating and people who are “nerdy,” “down to Earth,” “chill,” and “goofy,” don’t need to remind you that they’re “such a dork” every five minutes. But those are just my gripes.

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