University of Alabama Kicks Racist Snapchatter Out Of Sorority

University of Alabama it’s demonstrating it’s dedication to building diversity within Greek Life. As we reported, U of A has a long history of pressuring White sorority members to exclude Black members whether the White sisters are racist or not.
Well, in this case, it’s safe to say this particular sorority sister is a racist. A Chi Omega member Snapchatted a group of her friends with some lovely Emojis saying, “Chi O got NO niggas!!!!!” How nice of her. Really, it’s my pleasure. The girl was promptly removed from the sorority for obvious reasons. Not to mention the fact that her info was totally incorrect, two African American women pledged Chi Omega and I am sure they are cringing right now.
Chi Omega Nationals posted this message on Facebook:

“Please read below for an important message regarding our Nu Beta Chapter at the University of Alabama:

Chi Omega is aware of the image that has been circulating via social media and we have been in communication with The University of Alabama administration. What was expressed is absolutely reprehensible and completely inconsistent with Chi Omega’s values and policies. Chi Omega took swift disciplinary action in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures. The woman who took the photo is no longer a member of the chapter.

Chi Omega embraces women from all walks of life, who come together to form a network of friends with high standards and similar values. The Chi Omega chapter at the University of Alabama pledged a diverse group of young women, which included several new members who self-identified as minorities, including two African-American women.”

Given everything that is going down in Ferguson, Missouri and what you hear about these sororities, I urge you all to be a little bit kinder to each other. Racial tensions exist, don’t be the person who perpetuates them by failing to acknowledge its presence.

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