The 8 Guys You'll Make Out With During Your Freshman Year

Freshman year is a lot of fun. You’re going to meet tons of people and get to experience things that’ll help you find out who you really are. Within all that, of course, comes romance even in its most casual form — that means making out, snogging, swapping spit (which sounds disgusting!) and whatever other term you can think of for kissing.
There are about eight types of guys you’ll end up making out with during freshman year (or throughout your entire collegiate career) and all of them will provide you with different kinds of insight on life and the male species. I suggest you space out your tongue action over the course of the year. Making out is fun but there’s no need to make out with all seven of these guys during freshman week. No need to rush.
Here are the guys you’ll be playing tongue-tug-of-war with:
1. The Guy Who Reinvented Himself

This guy got zero play in high school, so right before freshman week he decided to become the mackiest of Mack Daddies for his college matriculation. In his heart of hearts he’s a really nice, sweet guy…maybe even a little geeky, but he puts on a front and wants to be the center of attention.
2. The “Player”

He’s made out with every girl on your floor and none of you mind sharing him, in fact you share stories with each other about him because you’d never in a million years take him seriously. He’s not like the guy who has reinvented himself that made the conscious decision to play with girls’ hearts, the real player #wokeuplikethis. Meaning he gives no fucks and you know it. Despite his efforts to spit game to you, all you see him as is a little fun.
3. The Party Animal

His incessant inebriation is accompanied by the smell of cheap beer and cigarettes. This guy might be in a frat or he’s just a regular guy that really likes to party. You’ll probably be just as drunk as he is when you make out with him, then you’ll spend the rest of the year ducking him.
4. The Guy Your Friend Ends Up Dating
5. Your Guy Friends
You’re going to make out with your guy friends in college, even if the relationship is completely platonic. It might be in game of truth or dare, maybe you get super drunk and it just happens. It’s okay, you’ll be fine.
6. The Nice Athlete
The Nice Athlete knows he’s attractive, but doesn’t let it affect his day to day activities. He might be a tiny bit cocky but he’s still very chill and fun to be around. He’s not too interested in playing games with girls or airing his business, so although he gets a lot of girls, people hardly ever know about it.
7. The Bad Athlete
The other side of the athlete is this guy who thinks he is the shit and the urine and assumes every girl is attracted to him. You’ll probably end up making out with this guy just so he’ll stop asking you to.
8. The Older Guy
He might be a junior or senior and you pray to God that he’ll call you back. He won’t. And a few years down the line you’ll realize that it was kinda weird for a grown man to be making out with you. He realized that the morning after; that’s why he never called you.

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