10 Tips for Becoming the “Fun Girl” Guys Can’t Resist

Just like the title says, guys want a girl that wants to have fun — and not fun in a dirty way, but fun in an “I enjoy living my life” kind of way. I know right now you’re thinking — well doesn’t everyone want to have fun? Yes, most people want to live life enjoying themselves, but most don’t on a day to day basis.

Is every meal like performing open heart surgery for you because of your diet? Are you so ambitious in your career that you don’t know how to relax? Do you refuse to smile and always wear shades because you want to be Victoria Beckham? (Side note: her husband is super fine, but celebrities are exceptions for every rule in life.) Well, newsflash — all that stuff is boring and really puts a damper on not just your attractiveness, but also on your happiness.

Lighten up! YourTango has 10 tips that’ll help you do that. It may end in a new relationship for you. Check it out!

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