33 Signs You’re a Sorority Girl


1. You have a healthy addiction to all things Lilly (although your parents and wallet disagree).

2. It might be college, but you still have a school uniform. Norts and a frocket: it’s not an outfit, it’s a lifestyle.

3. It’s hard to have a conversation without casually name dropping your big and little like they’re celebrities.

4. If you ever miss class because of illness (read: a hangover from hell), you know you’ll always have notes, whether from a sister or the archaic test bank.

5. If it’s not moving, monogram it.

6. You’ve never missed a night out, because there’s always someone immediately available to pregame.

7. The first day of the semester signals formal hunting season, which is almost as aggro as the quest for a little is.

8. Mixers provide the perfect opportunity to MO in costume (and they also make for walk of shames that are equal parts unfortunate and unforgettable).

9. You’re currently Pinterest planning your wedding (it still counts if the boards are secret).

10. Nothing hits you quite in the baby maker like a boy in a bowtie (bonus points if it’s for an SEC tailgate).

11.  Unfortunately, you’ve experienced the weirdness that is a “ring by spring” ceremony.

12. Like a baby, you cry when you can’t have your juice (your juice is wine).

13. It’s a given that when you grow up you’ll either be president of the PTA or Junior League  — based entirely on your WASP level, obviously.

14. If someone Facebook stalked you casually, they would know your affiliation immediately.

15. 50% of your life is dedicated to avoiding the wrath of standards, and so far you’ve succeeded… although you’ve had to remove at least one Facebook picture.

16. It’s unclear if you’ll ever love anyone the way you love your little (full disclosure: you’re not sure if you want to).

17. You’re master of the skinny arm, sorority squat, and stacking, and the proof is in the Instagram.

18. You assume that your sorority’s “no shot policy” doesn’t refer to pregaming (you’re wrong).

19. Half of your wardrobe is dedicated to philanthropy shirts, even though the ones that were handed down re-define hideous.

20. You’ll never have to worry about having enough bridesmaids.

21. You do, however, need to find a boy who has an equally huge number of bros for groomsmen.

22. To this day, you have scars (mentally and physically) from the excessive crafting you did for big/little week.

23. The attention to detail on your paddle makes it one of your most prized possessions (equal thanks your little and Adderall for that one).

24. You’re almost positive you could outdrink most GDIs (but practice makes perfect).

25. Formal is the perfect opportunity to blackout in black tie, which is basically a dress rehearsal for the ridiculous amount of weddings you’ll be going to.

26. When it comes to finding a dress that won’t overlap with half of your sorority for Homecoming, the struggle is as real as prom was.

27. Every birthday is the perfect opportunity for a picstitch that showcases you at your skinniest.

28. “Study hours” are the perfect excuse to socialize (quietly).

29. You’re pretty sure that even the most magical proposal of all time won’t rival the dedication it took to create the big/little week of your dreams.

30. Being on Exec means you have a full-time job, only without the bennies.

31. Even as an adult, you don’t trust anyone who was in your rival sorority.

32. You’re convinced that someone in your house is Cinderella, because there’s inevitably a lost shoe after every party.

33. You always have someone to go out with, study with, gossip with, Facebook stalk with, bake with, Netflix binge with, or craft with — for four years and eternity.

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