Embrace The Mess You Are [Twenty-Something Rules]

I had an interesting week. AKA, I cried into a Strawberry Shortcake Popsicle in the broad daylight of my apartment on a weekday. It’s whatever.

Sometimes, we realize things about ourselves we don’t like. And even worse, the people we love will accidentally point those out to our face and make us feel even poopier about it. It’s not the best scenario, but you have to remember to embrace those shitty things about yourself anyway.

My (mini-insecurities) go like this: I ask the same question 80 times. I’m a bad driver when I’m trying to have a conversation. I’m definitely overly emotional. I try to mend every bad moment RIGHT AT THE MOMENT. Sometimes I’m too judgmental. And I Kim-Kardashian-ugly-cry about more things than I should.

But here’s the thing: I’m adorably lofty, I care too much about others and lose track of what I’m doing at the moment (which is cute, duh), nothing is wrong with being empathetic, and perfection is a silly, worthless life game. See?

All of us are good and crazy people.

From one twenty-something to another, embrace the weirdness.

Rule #190: Stop trying to “wean yourself off coffee.”

Just drink the mud, stop being annoying and don’t ever brag about it.

Rule #191: Don’t ever feel guilty for taking a vacation day to get a spray tan.

I am honestly doing this today. I have vacation days; I’m going to use them. Even if it’s for something as simple as standing naked in front of someone and getting orange paint sprayed on me.

Rule #192: Never say “shut up” to your significant other.

This is a great relationship rule, even if you have to say “shut up, please” instead. It goes with the first steps of being in a relationship: never treat the other person’s feelings or opinions like you want to completely dismiss them. At the end of the day, you just want to know you’re heard and the person you love cares. They aren’t your brother. Treat them that way.

Rule #193: Always travel with your favorite makeup item.

My personal favorite “to-go makeup items” are a tube of Kate Moss lipstick and Bobbi Brown’s creamy blush. When you’re in need of a 30 second pick-me-up, whip that stuff out and splash it on. It will make you feel better in an instant.

Rule #194: Save your professional work.

It’s easy to get caught up in your job and forget to save what you’ve been working on: articles, creative work, project reports, anything. Build your portfolio! Value your work. When you’re ready to expand your career, these are vital to show and tell you’re a bitchin’ GENIUS lady that’s passionate and likes to show off their hard work.

Rule #195: Eat lunch. By yourself.

I don’t understand why the only people eating lunch by themselves are old people. How does it take 65 years to fully understand lunch (or a movie) by yourself is VITAL. You don’t have to speak with anyone and no one is going to judge  you if you take the bread in a to-go box.

Rule #196: Find sexiness in not being sexy.

And stop trying so hard. There is sexiness in not trying to be sexy. There’s something endearing about being a little undone. You need an element of imperfection to make you feel like you’re a real person under all that J-Crew bullshit. Just kidding, I love J-Crew; just resort to a top knot and white tee-shirt here and there, aight?

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