How To Give Yourself A Really Great At Home Bikini Wax


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When it comes to waxing, two things first come to mind: pain and price. Getting a bikini wax at a salon is great, but can also be expensive. Here’s how to do it at home (as painless as possible) and save your hard earned money!

Tips Before You Wax:

Make sure your hair is long enough. This depends on the type of wax you buy (some work for shorter hair), but in general your hair should be at least ¼” long. If your hair is longer than 1’’, trim it to about ½ “.

Make sure you aren’t on any medications / creams that can make your skin more sensitive (Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Accutane, Retin-A, etc.).

Don’t sunbathe 24 hours before or after waxing. This again, can make your skin more sensitive since the sun can dehydrate your skin!

– If you have a low pain tolerance, you can always pop an ibuprofen 30 minutes before you wax.


 1. Find The Right Wax

There are all types of wax for body hair: sugars, hot wax, wax strips, coarse hair, facial hair – the list goes on! For beginners, I would recommend body sugar because you can wash it right off. If you’re not new to the game, then hot wax would be your best bet. A few brands I’ve tried/heard great things about include: Parissa (they literally have every type of wax for any body part), Bliss, Completely Bare, and Gigi.

Once you’ve found the right wax, follow the instructions included on how to heat your wax. Small wax heaters are amazing because they keep your wax at the right temperature the entire time (no need to run back to the microwave!)

2. Prep Your Skin

Make sure your skin is free of any oils and creams before you wax. If you shower before you wax, make sure the area is completely dry before waxing.

 3. Test Your Wax

The wax will perform best when it has a smooth, honey-like consistency. It should stir easily (but not so easily that it’s watery). Make sure to temperature check (a small dab on your wrist is what I do) before you put it on your skin – burns are no fun!

 4. Wax, Meet Hair

Using the popsicle stick / mini spatula included with your kit, spread the wax onto an area of hair in the direction of hair growth. You don’t need too much wax — I aim for the thickness of a nickel. For beginners, I would work with smaller areas to start (about 2-3 inches long, 1 inch wide). Place the wax strip onto the wax and run your hand over the strip in the direction of hair growth to make sure it grips the hair.

 5. Off like a band-aid!

Wait about 10 seconds (unless the wax kit has specific instructions), pull your skin taut, then pull the wax strip off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Keep the strip pulling action as close as you can to your skin (don’t lift up!), to minimize pain and potential bruising.

6. Clean Up

If you’re using sugar, you can clean off the excess gently with a warm cloth. Wax kits will include post-wax wipes, which will wipe of excess wax and soothe your skin.

Post-Wax Tips

– Avoid long hot showers, sunbathing, and any activities that can cause a lot of sweating (spin class, hot yoga, etc.) for about 24 hours.

– Don’t apply lotions or creams to the freshly waxed area to prevent irritation.

– Keep the area free from friction to minimize chances of irritation. Freshly waxed skin may be extra sensitive for the next few hours (each person is different) — wearing loose clothing and postponing sex during that time will help!

– Exfoliate daily. Starting a few days after you wax, use a exfoliating mitt/sponge or a dry brush to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

[Lead image via Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock]

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