11 Ways You Know You're a Gemini (Or That You're Dealing With One)

As a Gemini you are well aware of your kinks, not because you’ve gotten to know yourself overtime through life experiences, but because people tend to have a stick up their asses about Geminis and always feel the need to tell you about how crazy you are. We’re well aware that we are walking contradictions, you don’t have to keep reminding us.
In truth being a Gemini isn’t bad at all. We’re not crazy, we’re not fake, nor do we always have an attitude. We’ve actually got the best of both worlds — we’re intellectual and emotional. We’re always going on adventures, and we have a knack for being great friends. Let us bask in our uniqueness and say screw you to our haters! Here are 11 facts that only a Gemini can understand.
1. You wouldn’t be so moody if the human race wasn’t so damn aggravating.
2. But sometimes your mood swings surprise even you — ever thought you were in a cheery mood until you got around people? Yup.
3. Indecisiveness is one of your biggest pet peeves, but you couldn’t make a decision if Baby Jesus came to you and told you exactly what to do.
4. Arguments are fun. They’re like mental exercise. (That quick wit doesn’t come from the air!)
5. You’ve mastered (or are attempting to master) your tongue since you have a tendency to hit ’em where it hurts.
6. Most of the time you’re not pissed off, you’re just bored.
7. You don’t understand what’s so hard about multitasking.
8. You’re not fake, you just know how to adapt to different kinds of people.
9. You have to remind yourself just about every other day that other people’s brains don’t wok as fast as yours.
10. It’s not that you’re emotionally unavailable, it’s just that approaching things with logic makes everything so much easier.
11. Before you let anyone close to you romantically, they must first pass the test of mind f**king with at least a B-.

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