33 Signs You're A Flawless Bad B*tch

Are you a good bitch or a bad bitch? Just kidding, there’s only one kind of bitch to be: a bad bitch. A bad bitch is fiercely in charge of her life. A bad bitch is confident, outspoken and articulate. We all know people in our lives who seem to be effortlessly cool and who always get what they want. We know no one is perfect, we know no one’s life is perfect, yet we can’t help but be a little covetous of the bad bitch. She is a real life Samantha Jones, a real life Beyoncé, a real life Martha Stewart, a real life Hillary Clinton, a real life Anna Wintour—she’s just one of those people who you know is going to be one of those people.
The thing is, deep down inside, I think we all have the potential to become “one of those people.” The key to being a bad bitch, above all else, is being true to yourself.
1. People respect your opinions.
2. Friends come to you for advice.
3. Your shoes . . . they are titillating.
4. The song “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child resonates with you on a deep and profound level.
5. You pay your own bills.
6. You use Spotify premium not the free version.
7. They always spell your name correctly at Starbucks because they know better.
8. When someone catcalls at you, you turn around, look them dead in the eye and watch them disintegrate.
9. You vaguely remember someone saying they don’t like you but … who was that? Nobody.
10. You’re always right on time.
11. You’re always fashionably late.
12. You don’t need no bae but you have plenty of prospects.
13. You get your own drinks at the bar.
14. You’ll always get a friend’s drink.
15. You have an impeccable unique style.
16. Your image doesn’t come from magazines or trends, it’s a real extension of you.
17. You are very sexually liberated.
18. You can make fun of yourself.
19. You’ll standup to any bully.
20. You’ve got a stinging wit that will liven up the party or shut up any hater.
21. Your confidence doesn’t come from your appearance.
22. You read as many books as TV shows you devour.
23. You’re the one with HBO GO password that all your friends share.
24. Like a Lannister, you pay back all of your debts.
25. You ask for help when needed.
26. Yeah, you’re completely an individual but you love that your friends are so different from you too.
27. When a friend in need calls it’s never a bad time.
28. Everything you do is completely thoughtful, yet totally effortless.
29. You’re never messy unless you want to be.
30. You know when to shut up.
31. You know when to speak up.
32. You’ve got an infinite list of things you want to achieve.
33. No one would ever dare fuck with you.

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