Cosmic Candy: August 25th – 31st

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!
Aries & Aries Rising New Moon Manifestation
I call on the inherent wisdom of my body and the earth that it is made from to heal me of any afflictions that I may be experiencing. Because I am a child of this earth any problem, any ailment that I suffer from, physically, psychologically or spiritually has a cure that is found in the natural world around me. I take time in the darkness of the moon to remember that I am a part of this mystery of matter and that it is my mother. I can lay down on her cool surface and feel the beating of her sturdy heart soothe the rhythm of my own temperamental one. I take time this new moon to remember my body and its needs.
Because I am not a robot.
I am a living breathing beauty, boundlessly brimming with bewildering and bountifully bodacious boom. Life flows through me at rapid speed, so I take time to take care of the vessel it blesses. Because I am blessed with taking care of it. Even when it seems I was not meant to survive this world. Even when the systems and structures that temporarily behave like my personal captors envelop me, I remember: I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS. And yet, this body makes me vulnerable to the very thing I must see past. And so I straddle the two. I straddle the reality that I am vulnerable because of this body and that I am powerful because of its capacity to heal, know and intuit the truth.
And I am after the truth. I hold no false notions at this moment. I let the truth shape me because I am not afraid of knowing what inhibits me. I welcome the opportunity to become aware of what ball and chain is dragging me down so that I may have the choice of whether to free myself or not. I chose my next steps wisely. I weigh the cost of living in fear or living free and I pay what I can when I can.
Taurus & Taurus Rising New Moon Manifestation
I give everyone around me the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has their own connection to the divine and I honor and respect each individual’s way of getting there. I do not give in to any impulse I may have to be angry, intolerant, unkind or unforgiving to anyone because I know that projecting that outward is only cementing it in my own soul.
There is NOTHING that I do to another that I do not do to myself.
When I give others the freedom to be and do as they need to, I give the same to myself. When I give others the freedom to walk away from me, I also give them the freedom to stay. When I give others the space to be human, the same blessing is bestowed upon me.
I have healthy boundaries.
I do not coerce, control or contrive even the slightest of communications because I do not need to. I am only concerned with being honest, straightforward and forthcoming with myself which naturally extends to everyone else around me. When I sense that others may be trying to be less than sweet with me, I immediately release them back to their creator so that their souls may sort themselves out because I believe in the inherent wisdom embedded in all beings and I trust it to prevail (but I step back until it does ‘cause I don’t need that kind of drama).
With this moon’s renewal I sing songs of joy, pleasure and erotic rituals. I use my playtime to follow my intuitive knowledge and my gut reactions, so that I might make my way into the heart of healing. Art is healing. I create situations where I can experience a resonance with the natural world around me, situations that remind me that nature is the greatest sculptress and all I need to do is bask in the beauty of such a wise creatrix. I use this new moon to inspire new elixirs, concoctions, potions and powders that help me heal any creative blocks that might tempt me into temper instead of freeing me to tango with the rituals that help me to purge that which gets in the way of dancing in the streets and in the sheets.
Gemini & Gemini Rising New Moon Manifestation
I root down. I claim my ground. This here land I stand on sustains me, feeds me, fortifies me, supplies me with the good graces to keep on keepin’ on. So I bless it. I bless it with my hard work, my thoughtful praise, my skillful ways and my talent for reaping the fruits of my labor.
I make sure that the soil is well replenished for the next season’s harvest.
I am conscientious of my creations. I think about whether they are just taking up good ground or if they are actually useful places of rest for myself and the visitors that grace my doorways. My home is a temple, a place to worship the mundane, a place to praise the profoundly perfect curve of an apple and the distinct joy one receives from sharing it with those that feel like kin.
I root down with the increasing light of the crescent moon because it is the only thing to do in the face of trauma. I get comfortable where and when I can. I work to create a sense of safety and well being for my self and my family-this is a source of my power. When so much out in the world reveals my nation’s unprocessed grief, shame and pain, I can create a sanctuary to heal with powerful simplicity: bees buzzing, flowers reaching towards glorious sun rays and I am laughing while folding fresh laundry.
These are the ways I let my body know that there are safe spaces for it to just be. This week I take extra care to scan myself for bundles of stress in my shoulders, pits in my stomach and wild winds howling through my heart. I use limits and restrictions lovingly because I want to live a life that helps me feel happy, healthy and whole; not restricted, miserable and hungry. I get to the work that is the most important to get to and I do it with the understanding that self-doubt just isn’t as effective as trusting in my capacity to get the job done.
Cancer & Cancer Rising New Moon Manifestation
I let my love life find its own way. I don’t control my heart. I don’t manipulate another’s. I keep the door open so that the folks that use it know it’s always there and if they are here it is of their own free will.
I let love burn away old behaviors so that I can be brave, bold and discover the capacity to believe in what lies beyond the boundaries of ownership and jealousy. I cut away whatever ties me to a set of beliefs that hold only old stagnant waters of so-called redemption and move to free-flowing rivers of right action. Right action is right for me in the moment I take it because it is the directive I get when I still my worried, worried mind for long enough to hear something wiser arise.
I follow the new moon to make sure that I am on track with the unfolding of my life. This month the themes of thoughtful communication make me want to master my words so that I might get to the essence of what it is I am trying to say and leave it at that. I write the words that need to be written so that I may bear witness to my own essence. I love to learn and so I take time to fill my mind with the flow of information that gets me motivated to move about.
I take stalk of what I am harvesting from this past season. Will it sustain me? Do I need to conserve my energy? Do I need to make the best use of what is perishable and save what will last for later? I take time to witness the beauty and the wisdom of the turning of the seasons and I see how that is reflected in my own life. I know that this is the perfect moment to ask for signs, omens, reflections and all wisdom that different divination systems give me. I seek guidance from the oracles that offer it.
Leo & Leo Rising New Moon Manifestation
With great privilege comes great responsibility and since I have been graced with gifts of Love and Fortune as of late, I will anchor the opportunity with hard work and honest evaluations. This week is not for the weak at heart. Good thing I have a strong ticker and an even stronger roar.
I get good with giving and am fierce in my foundations. I have an open heart, an abundant smile and a “No, thank you” the size of Texas ready and willing to impede the growth of any silly weeds. I have no room for fear and so when it arises I acknowledge it and slay it on the spot.
I am awake.
Because I am awake I am willing to let go of old pattern that have kept me locked into family obligations that force me to deny my own soul. I have the power to break contracts of coercion and control and take back my power. I have that option every time I become fully aware of what is occurring in my emotional body, my physical body and my energy body.
I awaken at the root.
I have enough buoyancy to bolster me and this makes it possible to do the deeper work. And so I dig. I dig down to get to my truth. I dig down to get to my base camp and I dig down to make sure that I can really, truly build from this place.
And build I do with this new moon. It begins in my Second House of finances, property and fine-tuned self-worth. I meditate on the meaning of my stuff which is meaningless until i imbue it with magic. Houses become temples, bowls become cauldrons and bank accounts become magic wands. I use any and all material wealth I have to create good in this world and in all the worlds.

Virgo & Virgo Rising New Moon Manifestation
My capacity to cut through non-truths is at an all time high and I therefore seize the opportunity to move forward with great strides. Bullshit is a burden so I move forward without it. Without apology. Without blame. Without hatred in my heart because that too takes up too much space. Clarity might not be comfy-cozy but it’s the only thing to cling to come the tests and trials of life.
This is my new moon and I take the time to re-seed myself. I draw on the wisdom of all Virgin Mother archetypes for they speak the mysteries of self-regeneration. That is the beauty of Virgo, a discriminating intellect matched with a connection to the rhythms of nature and the knowing that it brings: birth, life and death are all in a day’s work. No need to worry, fret or fear because the cycle continues. Continually.
I pull in to protect that which isn’t ready to come to the surface, that which isn’t meant for the obnoxious glare of the spotlight, that which is done in darkness and in ritual. Not everything is meant for the light of day. Magic is visible to those who can find their way through the dark. Nature is magic and I remember my physical connection to it is a source of power. My gut reaction is right on the money. Every time. Without fail.
I honor this new moon, my re-birth, by allowing myself to create the things that help to soothe the mind that sometimes worries itself into a corner. The mind that forgets about nature and its cures. I find solace in the doing. I find meaning in the making. I find that creating the concoctions that cure create a container for self-renewal.
I am an active participant in my life which means I take this moment to say, “Happy Birthday To Me!” I do this by taking some time to do what I want, how I want, when I want because I celebrate my own rhythm of doing things. I give the gift of time to myself and I use this week to meditate on the mountains I wish to climb this year. I give myself a moment to reset, refresh and reawaken my deep desire for living a life of authenticity, awareness and appreciation.

Libra & Libra Rising New Moon Manifestation
I own it. I own my walk, my talk, my integrity and my decisions. I don’t get sucked in, tripped up or taken down by anyone’s power trip. Nothing outside of me owns me. Money is paper with an old, dead white dude on it and it has nothing to do with what I will count as blessings on my deathbed. I am not fooled by comfort. I am not coerced by so called “power” because I see what that leads to when I turn on my Facebook feed and I am left starving for images of awakened leaders.
So I become my own.
I stay connected to those that foster feelings of fortune and also those that rightfully challenge me to become a more discerning individual. Leaders are not afraid of challenge. In fact they welcome it because it helps them better understand their own self-definitions. I spend time with those that honor their own lives and all life around them, those that are not afraid of conversations that might arouse a greater consciousness. I am strong but I am stronger when I am in the company of contenders.
The new moon occurs in the folds of my dreamtime and in the back rooms of my bathhouse fantasies. This is a time for me to momentarily withdraw so that I may prepare the space and set the stage for my next birthday-to-birthday year. In doing this I come face to face with all the ways in which I might bargain, barter and break promises in order to control situations that are not mine to control. I willingly look at what I may otherwise try to stuff away and I make peace with the difficult aspects of myself by not hiding from them.
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising New Moon Manifestation
I refuse to get carried away with any false sense of authority, power, control or purpose. I remember to be humble, mindful, compassionate and concerned with the feelings of others otherwise I will blow many of the opportunities coming to me through my work in the world.
I look pretty good and pretty terrifying to others right now. Like the two faces of any Goddess or God, I hold both immense power to destroy and also the capacity to bring together a great amount of fortune. Therefore I wield my sword only when absolutely necessary and with the intention to set myself free-but not to cause harm unnecessarily
Authority comes with a price, the price is that I must think for myself. Authority also comes with a great return, the gift of getting to live my life the way I feel it is being asked to be lived. I also refuse this impulse. I can adhere to old paradigms if I so choose. The choice is mine but the choice must be made. Do I live life to gain societal recognition or do I live my life for spiritual awakening. I don’t know of anyone that ever did both successfully.
This new moon begins its journey in my Eleventh House of friends and folks that help fuel my dreams. It’s my spiritual Indiegogo campaign. I use this moment to magnetize the many that can help me by giving them what I’ve got. I don’t power trip or make minds bend to my version of reality. Rather I revel in the spirit of cooperation, candor and coalescence. I ask for what I need by simultaneously giving it to others.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising New Moon Manifestation
With this new moon I renew my public persona. I co-create it with Source energy so that I may be re-aligned with my purpose and I use my personality for that end. I am aware that fear is present and instead of buying its wares I send it to the nearest neighbor. “Go bother someone else!” I say.
My life is not for sale. My true work in the world is to gather the courage it takes to give all I’ve got to whatever I am doing. I see my work as an outer manifestation of my inner truth. I do not separate myself. I may have to hide certain things from certain people for certain amounts of time-but in my mind and in my heart I refuse to compartmentalize me. I am whole, as above and as below.
I use this new moon to plot, plan and pursue the direction in which I see my life going in. My mind’s eye is my best guide. I take big vision and match it with baby steps. The practical pieces of my journey are sacred ones. I consider the little actions because they lead to big shifts and at the end of this journey I want to look back at my legacy and say to myself, “Good job, kid.”
I am in the process of having a spiritual awakening.
This is not a pain-free process. Because I have been taught to fear, to cling and to think that there is such a thing as loss, awakening to something bigger than this paradigm is, at times, terrifying. The eternal can never be lost and yet I am in this very finite body and world. Nothing can be truly lost and yet I lose so much all the time. I am caught in the paradox which is precisely what forces my awakening. I cannot continue to wake up without being willing to give up a tremendous amount first. It’s like trying to get on the train to Utopia with a two-story house strapped to my back. I gotta give it up to get it going.
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising New Moon Manifestation
My liberation lies in the universal truth that I am a part of something so much bigger than myself. My awakening depends on my ability to shun attention for attention’s sake, even when it’s negative (attention is attention after all). I receive gratitude graciously but I do not seek to be known merely to fill a hole in my heart. I receive constructive criticism with a mindful awareness because I can take in what others say and yet I don’t base my value on it. I reflect to find the truth between what is brought to my attention and what my own experience is.
I am more interested in knowing myself than being known to strangers for good or ill. I do not fill up on flattery or conflict (connection is connection). Those are fun but fleeting snacks. I fill up on the fortifying fuel of loving what is available to love right here and now.
I refuse to be put in a bind, to define myself by anyone else’s standard. I refuse to be diminished to the size of anyone else’s estimation of me and my potential. I am keenly aware of this week’s potential to pulverize and be pulverized by social conditioning and while I am open to growing and learning, I solemnly swear to do so with less “rah-rah” and more, “hhhmmm interesting point you have there”.
The new moon unfolds in my Ninth House of perspective so I make sure to get some and share it when appropriate. I can keep the truth to myself when needed, when it isn’t helpful to share. I can keep the truth in my feet so that I can walk without regret. I can keep the truth on my tongue so it sweetens the words I choose to share. I can keep the truth in my eyes so that I see the beauty hidden and I can keep the truth in my bones so my strength is from the inside.
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising New Moon Manifestation

I take it. I take it and I am honored to have it so I hold it in a loving embrace. I take it without conditions. I take it without need for recognition. I take it without wondering if it is mine to take.
This is mine.
I claim this life as mine. I hold it up for all to see. I holler into the wind to confirm it and show up earlier than I need to for it. I take it and all the costs it might incur. I take it and I say thank you for it. I take it because I signed up for it so it must be mine to take. I do not question it, I do not complain about it and although I may fear it, I do not doubt it.
I fight for it.
I don’t try to create conflict or strife but I refuse to back down or away from the thing that I am here to care for.
This is my life.
This is my life and this is the space it will take to create it. I guard it and cherish it as my sacred duty. I wake up to its call and I answer, “Yes ma’am!”. I give thanks for those that help me do this. I give them what I can but keep what I need for me in order to get this done.
The new moon begins its journey in my Eighth House of psychological transformations, but these don’t come wrapped in pretty bows and fancy paper. These gifts come in the form of harrowing journeys and the willingness to let what needs to go, go. And so I do. I take this new moon on its word and know that if I am truly willing to release my fear of the unknown I will have the chance to grab this thing and dance with it until my very last cha-cha.
Pisces & Pisces Rising New Moon Manifestation
I believe myself first. I have been working hard at mastering my mind, finding avenues to my own belief systems and wondering down the winding paths that lead to self-mastery. It’s not a one-time deal where I figure it all out and close the door. Oh no. But I do believe that I am getting somewhere. I do believe that I have, at moments, been able to arrive here.
I want to be here because here is where the love is. Here is where my heart is and here is where I can connect to the you that is in front of me. And with this new moon occurring in my Seventh House of intimate relationships I am very aware of what I am beginning in my love life, business partnerships and all other intense exchanges I have with the funny humans found around.
I remain conscious of how I merge my energy with yours because I know I don’t need to do so in order to be liked, loved or respected in this life. That’s not real. I do not base my worth on who I am connected to so I am not needy of anyone’s anything. This way I can come to the table with full pockets, a full belly, and a piqued interest in who you are and what you bring.
I am not starving.
I am not starving for your attention or your praise, but I could always eat some good thoughts and sautéed insight. I love breaking the bread of resistance with fellow freedom cooks and there is always room at my table for those who dine on truth and toast to liberation.
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