Barbie Has An Instagram And She Is The New Lauren Conrad

Barbie officially has an Instagram and I hate to say but she dresses way better than me. (As usual.) The world of carefully laid out accessories and handbags is no longer reigned by Lauren Conrad, step aside, share the space, Barbie has arrived. Barbie taught girls around the world that just because they worked at McDonald’s doesn’t mean they can’t be an astronaut or president.Which is, like, super important, guys. Follow your dreams. This Instagram is done really well. You wouldn’t be able to tell difference between Barbie and any of your other favorite fashion gurus. I mean, you may notice that she is made out of plastic but her outfits are legitimately cute and can totally be replicated in real life. I seriously love this idea. In 2014, according to Elle, Barbie will be at New York Fashion Week. Who knows how she’ll be covering it but I hope she hangs with doll versions of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour.