Girlfriend Intervention: Where Black Women Turn White Women Into Black Women

The new lifetime reality series Girlfriend Intervention doesn’t have “bad intentions” on the surface buuuuuuuuuut……
The show isn’t supposed to be mean but it is very much atrocious to both Black and White women. The four Black judges declare, “Trapped inside of every White girl is a strong Black woman ready to bust out.” Ummmmm??? Then the White women are forced to walk down a Catwalk of Shame because reaaaaaasons?
The White women basically get judged for being themselves. Then the judges insist that the contestant completely change her personal style and attitude because other reasons. Makeover shows are always obnoxious because they insist there is only one way to be attractive and that often has little to do with who the individual actually is. Girlfriend Intervention is far worse because it relies on racial stereotypes to define what is attractive and what is not.
It’s nice that being a Black lady is perceived as a desirable thing to be but the execution is awful. The show doesn’t want to change anyone’s skin tone but it does suggest that there is such a thing as “acting Black,” because that’s what it wants White women to do. Here I thought progress was acknowledging that people are individuals and not official representatives of their race.
Girlfriend Intervention assumes there is something essentially “sassy” and “strong” about being Black and something “weak-willed” and “insecure” about being White. I think we all know that that’s complete bullshit. Not all Black women are boisterous, witty caricatures who exist to entertain others by dropping observational zingers. Not every White girl is a timid introvert dying to be the life of the party. It’s dumb.
The producers of this show should have been ejected from Earth. The only thing that makes me Black is my skin color. The only thing that makes you not Black is your skin color. Aside from the political and social ramifications of race, which is where our experiences might actually intersect, there isn’t anything else that decides what race you are besides what race you were born.
There isn’t any way to act Black or White and assuming so is perpetuating stereotypes and reduces each of us to a set of traits we may or may not have but that also don’t wholly define us.

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