The 5 Types of Friends You’ll Make in College

For many, this will be your first year in college. For many others, this may be your last year in college. But the beautiful thing about the isolated world that is college is that you’re consistently meeting new people, and constantly making new friends — whether you want to or not.
While there are obviously more than 5 types of friend in this world, I guarantee you that within those 4 years of school, you will make these five types of friends:
The Drunk Friend. This friend is my favorite. Any night of the week they will buy a handle, drink it all, go to the bars or just wander drunkenly around campus. They will mourn hangovers and skip class with you, they will introduce you to all of the best houses, you will wonder where they find the time to study and where the find all of their energy. These people will never get old.
The Studious Friend. Usually this person is majoring in Biology or Chemistry. Usually they have plans to become a doctor, because science is hard. They won’t be able to hang out most Fridays, and you likely won’t see them on any Sunday Fundays — but they will always be there when you need a library study buddy, and it’s likely they’ll make more money than you. Because doctors.
The Study Abroad Friends. First of all, study abroad. Second of all, the friends you make while studying abroad, will be the very best friends of your entire life. The experiences you have together really can’t be related to everyone, so you’ll need these friends. And you know they’ll always travel for you, and vice versa. These will be the very best people.
The Very, Very Best Friend. Maybe you’ll be lucky like me and it will be your freshman roommate. Maybe it’ll be the first girl you met in orientation. Maybe it’ll be someone you randomly sit next to in those first terrifying weeks of classes. But you will find your person, and you will be inseparable because college allows for it, and you will spend Thanksgivings with them, and they will be your person.
The Stuck-With Roommate Friend. The thing about college is, in those close quarters, you are going to have to spend time with people you don’t like. This friend is maybe your suite-mate. Maybe someone who lives down the hall and doesn’t really understand boundaries. Maybe the roommate you got freshman year is really the worst, but the worst at this point is better than eating alone. Whatever it is, don’t worry, you’ll find real friends, too.
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