Which Denim Style Is Right For You?



A new school year means you should probably treat yourself to at least one new fashion item, and what better than the one thing you’ll basically live in for the next months? I’m taking about a new pair of jeans –the one item you can wear to class, on weekends, during the day, at night, wherever. I highly recommend snagging one pair of great quality jeans as opposed to a few pairs of low-end denim…the problem is, with all the styles out there, how do you pick just one?

This quiz will point you in the most jean-ious direction.

A fairy godmother plucks these four outfits in from of you and says you can keep one. Which do you choose?

1. A white button-down, cute gold sandals and perfect cutoff shorts.

2. An oversized white tee, slip on sneakers and some printed pants.

3. Wedges and a cute floral dress.

4. A totally on-trend matching skirt-and-crop-top combo and some ugly-chic shoes. They’re super in right now, you know.

5. A classic LBD and a leather jacket.

Choose one fashion print:

1. Meh, you mostly stick to solids.

2. Classic stripes.

3. Florals all the way!

4. Houndstooth. It’s distinctive.

5. Leopard print.

Who is your fashion icon?

1. Jennifer Anniston. You love her simplicity.

2. Kate Bosworth, she never looks like she tried too hard.

3. Ariana Grande. She’s so cute and feminine.

4. Rihanna – she is always ahead of the curve.

5. Rachel Bilson because she really knows how to mix classic and edgy styles.

You have $1,000 to spend. What would you grab?

1. A classic handbag that will never go out of style.

2. A bunch of cozy sweaters, leggings and perfectly fitted tee shirts.

3. A gorgeous, sky high pair of neon heels.

4. A bunch of trendy, inexpensive items. You like to try new things!

5. An amazing leather jacket that will look great with everything but is still distinctive.

Choose a shoe style:

1. Buttery brown leather riding boots.

2. Slip-on sneakers.

3. Valentino rock stud pumps.

4. Birkenstocks. Everyone is wearing them!

5. Black leather booties with studs.

Which coat will you be rocking come fall?

1. A long peacoat.

2. A cozy, puffy utilitarian number.

3. A brightly colored wool coat.

4. Something with a bold, fun print.

5. A long black coat with strategically placed zippers.

What’s your favorite item to wear with jeans?

1. A crisp button-down.

2. A plain, worn-in tee.

3. A fluttery chiffon shirt with ruffles.

4. An off-the-shoulder crop top.

5. A plain black shirt with a cool asymmetrical hem.

You got:

Mostly 1s: Invest in a classic pair of perfect skinny jeans. Your style is simple and eternal and a pair of skinny jeans that fit just right will totally compliment the rest of your wardrobe.

Mostly 2s: Your laid-back, effortless style makes you the perfect person to rock some boyfriend jeans. These slouchy numbers are so comfortable and have a really cool easy feel to them.

Mostly 3s: You are feminine and playful and love to incorporate color into your outfits. You should treat yourself to a pair of colored denim. Jeans in colors like red, bright blue or even yellow add tons on interest to any outfit.

Mostly 4s: You are a fearless trendsetter, always looking to add really unusual, statement-making items to your wardrobe. Why not try wide-leg, high-wasited jeans? This retro style is back in a big way and if you can pull it off (and you totally can) it looks amazing.

Mostly 5s: You strike a balance of classic and edgy in your wardrobe. A pair of black jeans makes the perfect canvas to some of your more statement-making tops and look just as great with plain tees.

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