"Full House" Might Be Revived Because Nostalgia

It’s pretty clear that 90s nostalgia is the new in thing. With the sequel to Boy Meets World  on Disney Channel people are like, “What the heck let’s bring back Full House.
I could see if this was maybe featuring Kimmie, DJ and the Olsen Twins when they were older or something but that’s not what this is. They are talking about taking the entire cast and putting them back on the air as adults and a really old Bob Saget.
So far John Stamos, who plays hunky Uncle Jesse, and Bob Saget have signed on for the project. Apparently the entire revival was actually John Stamos’ idea, which is really not at all surprising. The original writer and producer from the series have also agreed to spearhead the project.
Most of the cast has signed on for the project including Jodie Sweeting, Candace Cameron-Bure, David Coulier, and Andrea Barber/Kimmie Gibbler. Noticeably not on the list of participants are the Olsen Twins. Probably because they have better, more hipster things to do than be on the Full House revival.
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