17 Emergency Items You Should Bring On Your Next Date

Don’t ruin the perfect moment with an awkward mishap — runs in your tights, spinach on your teeth, garlic breath, the list can go on and on! Be prepared for all natural and man-made disasters with these 17 must have emergency items. Not sure where you’re going to find Mary Poppins’ magic bag to put it all in, but if you have a go-to carry all let us know so we can get one too!

Realistically you should be able to fit most of this stuff in a pouch inside your purse. There’s no need to walk around with a whole 20 oz bottle of lotion in you’re bag. A nice sample sized one should do you well enough to get the ash off your feet and elbows. But, hey we’ll still take Poppins’ bag if you have it.

1. Lotion

2. Scrunchie

3. Bobbi Pins

4. Eye Drops

5. Clear Nail Polish

6. Safety Pins

7. A Condom

8. Mints/Gum

9. Clear Nail Polish (for runs in tights!)

10. The Nail Polish You Are Wearing

11. Some Cash

12. Wipes (stay fresh!)

13. Mace…in case things get real

14. Chapstick

15. Tissue

16. Nail File

17. Feminine Products

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