Everything You Need to Know About Brunch Etiquette

What better way to spend your weekend mornings than sipping bottomless mimosas and eating a yummy plate of something you know will be delicious because let’s face it. It’s brunch. So how can’t it be good, right? You chose your spot, usually based off the awesome deal they have, gather your friends together and head out with your shades on because obviously you went out the night before and can’t stand to see the light. But there is one thing people tend to ignore when they head off to brunch.

Brunch etiquette.

However, the question of the matter is…is there a brunch etiquette? When you walk into a brunch spot there are 3 groups you will see. Friends, Family, and Couples. Each group with very different agendas… or maybe not. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Let’s start with the Friends. A group of friends at brunch is like a mini party at a table. Bring on the mimosas, bellinis and all the french toast you got! You immediately notice the friend group especially because they quite obviously are the loudest (and rowdiest of course) and let us especially not forget if there is a birthday brunch going on. Rowdy bottomless brunch drinking is for sure a must along with lots of loud laughter, cheering, and chanting. Acceptable, right? I mean it is someone’s birthday. So being rowdy at brunch is totally cool.

Friend Brunch Etiquette:
You must have high energy, continuously order food and drinks, politely enjoy your surroundings and take as much advantage of your brunch deal as humanly possible. You must also chant and sing “Happy Birthday” if it is in fact your friend’s birthday because everyone in the restaurant must know that it is. Lastly, be sure to become friends with your waiter or waitress. It will prove useful in the end because after your debauchery is over, they will be kind and give you one or a few more rounds even after you’ve paid.

Then there is the Family. Whether it’s celebrating a recent engagement or parents coming down for a visit, in this scenario everything is calm, cheery (hopefully), and reminiscent. You have to make sure you don’t drink too much since you want to stay classy but don’t want to drink too little because let’s face it, you’re most likely being treated to brunch. And that means you must take full advantage on as much good food as possible.

Family Brunch Etiquette: Keep it classy but make sure to order at least 3 drinks and enough food to keep you full for quite some time since you don’t know when your next good meal may be. Share memories as you joyously enjoy your paid for meal. However, try not to Instagram your perfect plate of eggs benedict and side of bacon or snap chat your lovely glasses of mimosas too much because you may be reprimanded. But be sure to definitely upload at least one photo however so everyone knows you are in fact having the best meal of the day.

Lastly there is the Couple. Simply enjoying a romantic morning date or maybe making up after a night of quarrel. Brunch always seems like the best decision for either of the two. Now depending how adventurous the couple is you will either see them throwing back their bottomless drinks or ordering a la carte to refrain from getting too messy because they know they’re tempted. They happily share eachother’s meals, stabbing their forks in all directions from his bacon to her french toast because that’s just the norm.

Couple Brunch Etiquette: Be sure to prepare for whatever brunch path you may take whether it is a la carte or bottomless. Before bottomless ensues be sure all your bickering has gone away because who knows what little argument may spark after the fifth mimosa if all isn’t set out on the table. Then kick back and enjoy your partner’s company. If you decide to order a la carte, be sure to get your favorite item off the menu and at least 2 mimosas or bloody marys to accompany your meal. Lastly, keep it PG (please and thank you) but don’t feel the need to dim down the romanticism. Romantic is and always can be a good thing at brunch.

Nonetheless brunch is the best meal of the week and is the one meal we all look forward too when the weekend rolls around. Whether it is with friends, family, or your significant other brunch always proves to be a win no matter what etiquette you may bring to the table.

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