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Adele Leaked Two Previously Unreleased, Perfect Songs. Listen Here!


Just the other day COED Ned was asking if I had heard from Adele recently. Ya know, because she and I are BFFs and all. And while I hadn’t at the time (she probably lost my number), it did get me missing her. It’s been three years since she released 21. Three years since the world collectively cried along to “Someone Like You.” Three years since won all the awards, performed at all the events and covered all magazines. She was everywhere and then she had a baby, named him Antonio, likely regretted that strange decision and retreated from society. In May there were whispers that she would release an album this year, but so far nothing has come of that and there’s been no new music. Well, that was until yesterday.

Adele leaked two previously unreleased tracks that were recorded in 2010 for 21, but didn’t make it onto the final album. Both tracks are very Adele-y in that they’re perfect for cry-singing in the shower after a bad breakup. Not that anyone here has ever done that. I’m just saying if you were going to do that, these are the songs you should do it to. Whatever. Listen below.

“You’ll Never See Me Again”

“Never Gonna Leave You”