My Top 10 #FashionGirlProblems in Honor of NYFW

Every fashion girl — and when I say fashion girl, I don’t mean girls who love merely love shopping, I mean the ones who have encyclopedic knowledge of brands and designers, who know their Alexander Wang from their Alexander McQueen, who work in/want to work in some sort of fashion career — faces a few key problems.  And yeah, they’re about as frustrating as wearing Manolos to a college bar and coming home to find they’re ruined beyond repair…but let’s all take comfort in knowing we’re not along in facing these #FashionGirlProblems.

When someone tells you your latest cutting-edge, high-fashion purchase “cute.” Like, can you please not reduce Proenza Schouler to “cute?” Thanks.

When your girlfriends tell you to wear something “sexier” for a night out: Fashion girls do not wear clubwear. End of story.

When someone asks you why you’re “so dressed up”: Because I couldn’t wait any longer to wear these heels, if you must know.

When someone asks you why you look so 90s: Because 90s style is supremely trendy right now and any self-respecting fashion girl knows that.

When your friend points to a super ugly piece and says it’s “so you.”: Really? Just because my leather jacket is my best friend, doesn’t mean I have any interest in that weird “edgy” thing you’re pointing out to me.

When you go shopping and all your friends call it a day after hitting H&M and Forever 21: You mean no one else likes spending hours at Barney’s, feeling up garments like a 17-year-old boy? Or trying on $1000 dresses just for the hell of it? Or finally seeing that new release from Givenchy in the flesh? Ugh.

When someone asks you where you got something and has no idea what you’re talking about when you give the answer: Google it.

When someone automatically assumes you don’t eat because you work in fashion: I would set the record straight but I’m too busy stuffing this pizza in my face.

When someone asks to borrow your new dress/bag/sunglasses: MY CLOTHES ARE BABIES AND I DON’T TRUST YOU WITH THEM.

When someone tells you you’re “too smart” to be working in fashion: Actually, you have to be pretty friggin’ smart to work in a HUGELY influential, multi billion dollar industry that you literally wouldn’t be able to walk out of your house without. So STFU.

[Lead image via Getty / Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer]

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