The Virgin Diaries: Food For Thought Brought To You By Young Thug

There is this term circulating around the inter-webs that describes well educated, socially adjusted individuals that enjoy the occasional indulge indoing ratchet things with their friends. It’s called sophista-tratchet, and as someone who listens to dirty, trap music at the highest volume level each morning to mentally prepare myself for the day, I will admit that I am 100% of the sophist-ratchet breed.
One song in particular that finds its way to my eardrums every morning is Young Thug’s (yes, that’s his actual stage name) “Danny Glover,” preferably the Nicki Minaj remix, but the original does just fine. Most of his rapping isn’t in the English language, nor any other recognized language for that matter, but from what can be understood one line stands out to me the most:
“If she ain’t a virgin, then the bitch is only average”
Oh? Does my virginity give me brownie points over other women? #AskYoungThug.
In my experience, I’ve found that there are two reactions guys have when interacting with a virgin. They either worship the ground she walks on (i.e. Young Thug) or they avoid her like a rabid dog. Actually I’ve only had experience with the latter and have seen the first, but that’s beside the point. Is there a middle ground?
The problem with thinking in polars is raises too many questions about who this girl is once she’s deflowered. Does she lose some value after she has sex ? Is she less appealing? What’s so scary about her when she wasn’t shagging?
We’ve already seen how attaching one’s worth and identity can mess up your self image after the deed is done, but how does it affect how others see you?
As much as I’d like to think that I’m Beyonce, the queen of above average, I don’t want to be for that reason. I’ll leave that for my morning sophista-ratchet sessions.

Lesson #34: Don't Hate The Other Woman [Bold Girls' Bible]
Lesson #34: Don't Hate The Other Woman [Bold Girls' Bible]
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